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111, Xiangyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

For most people in the workplace, sometimes they spend more time in the office than they do at home. A relaxed and comfortable office environment will directly affect our mood and performance.
Both are life-threatening and work pressures are enormous. Lirong Company decided to follow the business philosophy of “Google Style”
Bring pets to work, take the slide to work, and make the office a dream factory that makes employees “do not want to get off work”. This is a fantastic office concept of many foreign companies such as “Google”.
In the “Google-style office” environment, many people will question whether employees are still enterprising, “Do they not take the opportunity to be lazy? ” Some people in the industry believe that the most valuable resource for the creative industry is people, and the output they produce cannot be measured by the original “work hours” standard. The inspiration generated by employees using leisure time is much greater than this, employees Often will work overtime. “Encourage creativity & efficiency; decline in efficiency ……” Only by respecting each individual and satisfying their individual needs, creativity will come from them.


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