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Mr. Gu

Venue: Xincheng Park, Chongming District, Shanghai
Purchase products: Deluxe version of the lifting dragon 6 seats, umbrella top rotating flying fish 12, track small train 6
Case: Mr. Gu purchased three sets of products in the new city park on April 25, and the three units invested a total of 25,000 yuan. When it is officially run on May 1, 15 days to recover investment costs! !
Mr. Gu charges 10.00 yuan / person calculation, and the number of employees on May 1 is as high as 200.
10.00 yuan / person / time; 200 people = daily pro-revenue: 2000 yuan / day
Dear, you are still hesitant, and your heart is not as good as action! To be rich, find the right path!


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