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Mr. Gu

Venue: Room 202, Unit 1, Building 28, Tongleyuan East District, Longbu Street, Nanxun District, Chenzhou City, Anhui Province
Buy product: Umbrella top rotating flying fish 10
Case: Mr. Zhao purchased the rotating flying fish in the park on July 31. Since the company has preferential policies for college students and people with disabilities, Mr. Zhao invested 5,000 yuan. Mr. Zhao said: Very good, summer vacation, nothing to do at home, buy a flying fish, work and study, the boss is very good, know that I was a college student after the start of business gave me a lot of support, today's second day of business is not bad, and later Will continue to buy rides at this store
The charge is 15.00 yuan / 2 people for 10 minutes.


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