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Hefei Wanda Mao hope zone

There is only one idea for each customer, that is, the indoor trampoline can become their printing machine. Then the first step is the location problem. If the customer has enough funds, then choosing the mall will be a good place, the flow of people is high, and the people who come to the mall are all spending after all, as long as the product is attractive enough, then it must be The business will be hot. Our indoor trampoline paradise is superior to other rides. It not only can play but also achieve fitness effects. Now many people are worried about the problem of obesity and don't want to do a single boring exercise. It is just that indoor trampoline paradise provides them with fun and A paradise that can slim down.
With an excellent venue, the next step is to provide a CAD map of the site and a live photo to design an indoor trampoline. If you are dissatisfied, you can patiently modify the plan into a satisfactory solution for you. The quotation (including the product cost, installation fee, transportation fee) will be given to you. After the price is settled, you can make the order payment production. The following renderings are the renderings of the HOPE ZONE indoor trampoline park, which includes the dodgeball zone, the free bounce zone, the climbing zone, the sponge pool, the slam dunk area, the professional trampoline zone, the endurance space, and the counter ball zone. This venue is rich in features and attracts a large number of customers in crowded shopping malls, and quickly returns to profitability.

 The HOPE ZONE indoor trampoline park is rich in functions. Here are some of the more popular items. Sponge Pool

There are many ways to play in the sponge pool. You can jump up, flip in the air, fall into the sponge pit, and be a cool expression of the trampoline. In addition, there is a climbing area next to the sponge pit, allowing people to fully enjoy the excitement and excitement of falling into the foamy ocean from the air. At the same time, for the athletic masters, you can see the heroic posture of the sponge area through the timely playback video on the spot.

Professional trampoline

Professional trampoline is skillful, also known as gymnastic trampoline, Olympic trampoline, national gymnastics athlete's special face, with higher jumping power, where you can achieve a variety of more difficult air movement trampoline movement, providing higher The space to play.

Slam dunk area

Do you want to experience the NBA star's big slam dunk on the court? In the trampoline slam dunk area, you feel far more than that. Use the trampoline rebound force to fly and jump into the basket, easily transform into the air slam dunk master, experience the freedom and pleasure of flying.

Free bouncing area

  In the free bounce area, we can provide a number of trampoline aerobic courses for people who need to shape, lose weight and relieve stressful work. According to expert research, 5 minutes of trampoline exercise is equivalent to 30 minutes of calorie running on the treadmill and continues to jump. Ten minutes is equivalent to calories burned for half an hour. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise will help promote the metabolism of new towns and improve fat oxidation, and prevent the symptoms of obesity.
Many people today know that trampoline exercise is good for your health, because you burn calories every hop, and lasting ten minutes is equivalent to calories burned for half an hour. Therefore, the indoor trampoline paradise is popular all over the world and has won wide acclaim. Opening an indoor trampoline park not only delights customers but also exercises the body, so the HOPE ZONE business will be so hot, so if you have any ideas, come to our company for consultation.


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