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Jinan case

This indoor trampoline paradise is located in Jinan, Shandong Province, with an area of ​​88 square meters. Although the area is small, it is carefully prepared by customers and our professional designers.
A set of products for the layout. Originally placed in this trampoline position, a set of electric switch and sand pool products, customers think that children have been tired
And every time I come to play, only the children are playing, the parents are watching outside, the customer always wants to make a set of products that adults and children can play.
Products, so find them, we are a professional manufacturer of trampolines, customers on the Internet to learn about our information, telephone consultation, customers
Said: "Linben is a big factory, and have seen the physical photos, is a trustworthy manufacturer! ” From design to order, it only took a week, and
And our installation strength is excellent, the customer is very satisfied with our installation!
The indoor trampoline paradise can also improve the attention, memory, thinking ability, etc. of children, after all, jumping up and down on the trampoline,
Some people's physical instinct will also participate in to ensure their own safety, so that as long as the long-term past exercise, children these
Ability must be significantly improved!
Spiderman: Spider-Man climbing the wall is an entertainment project that can be attached to the wall. The experiencer jumps on a professional trampoline, jumps and hangs on the software.
The magic wall, then slowly fall, like the Spider-Man in the American blockbuster, very exciting and fun, can exercise to increase the child's self-confidence,
The magic wall that is taller than the height of the team is still resolutely jumping upwards. The nature of nature is more confident than the average person.

 Indoor trampoline paradise 5.LE.B6.708.022.08 Product description

Trampoline Park Size (m) 11400*5050*4000mm
Trampoline Park Certification ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001, German TUV GS certification
Trampoline park material 1. Jumping mat: PP
2. Plastic powder: from the Dutch Aksu plastic powder
3. Soft bag: 35mm-55mm thick trait liner
4. Frame: 8*5cm, 8*8cm, thickness of 3.0mm hot-dip galvanized pipe
5. Spring: Made of piano wire material, the deformation-resistant tensile length is 5 times that of manganese steel.
Trampoline Park Advantage 1. Glossy non-toxic, no odor, harmless high-grade mat, widely used as both children's toys and as an ornament
2. It has beautiful appearance, light weight, no wrinkle, no opening, wear resistance, durability, environmental protection, antistatic and antibacterial. This product uses imported PVC,
High-density, high-rebound soft material manufacturing
3. Soft, sound-absorbing, shock-absorbing. Both sides are available (also can be made into two colors), have a certain anti-slip effect, effectively block the ground cold.
Trampoline park installation Professional CAD instructional drawings, assembly procedures and project cases.
Trampoline park age range over 3 years old
Trampoline park capacity 80-100 people
Trampoline park application place
Amusement park, kindergarten, preschool, residential community.
Trampoline park packaging Standard export packaging, flexible packaging PVC
Trampoline park shelf life 1. Plastic parts: 1 year
2. Metal parts: 1 year
We can design a trampoline park according to your requirements.
Since there is a part of the top of the site with a pipe, a yellow kneading surface is made under the pipe to warn that the color is coordinated and beautiful!


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