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Nanchang Wanda Mao hope zone

The location of a trampoline theme park is a very important part. In the mall, the location of the large-scale traffic can make the venue business hot. HOPE ZONE covers an area of ​​700 square meters, equipment investment is 600,000, 2 months back, daily average Passenger traffic is up to 260 people

One of the most popular functional items in the HOPE ZONE trampoline theme park endures space

The concept of enduring space comes from the competitive reality show "The United States Endures the Warriors" and has now developed into a new class of sports. Enduring the space is designed to be an entertaining fitness program that combines running, jumping, rock climbing and balance testing with fun and challenge. Obstacles are the latest trend in the fitness industry, and we are committed to providing this type of project to our players.
There are many marketing strategies for the trampoline theme park. The annual card method is very common. For example, if you have an annual card of 2,000 yuan, you can play unlimited times a year, and you can also get some group building discounts. HOPE ZONE uses the opening activity to attract customers and give away the way to spend more money to attract repeat customers.
The location of the OPE ZONE trampoline theme park is very important, as well as the professionalism and service we provide to our customers. We provide him with a VIP channel design director who designs for him and meets the requirements of the client.
We also continually optimize the design and give customers a satisfactory answer after 2 overnight. Among them, the project includes free bouncing area, endurance space, sponge pool rock climbing, slam dunk area, professional trampoline area, and dodge area. client
After satisfying the design, we bring our customers to see our workshops and exhibition halls. Every material specification of the products is displayed in front of the customers. After the customer went back after the inspection, they chose our company to place an order. After opening
It has also exceeded the expectations of customers, and the various businesses have quickly returned to the present, and now they have opened a number of branches.


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