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brand introduction

 brand introduction

“nuutoo” originated in the United States, registered professional leisure play brand, focusing on bringing happy leisure play products to people, is the driving force behind the founding.
In 2016, the company of Letu Company in China “Teach the Capital of Toys”; Yongjia registered “Let's “Lessons”; the brand produced leisure and amusement, “now the negative sac, hiking in the red dust. Happy to travel, free to play. ”Easy and casual life and work, everyone is doing their best to make people's happier leisure life work, is the mission of Letu, to add more fun to the scenery along the way, personalized play can create no The same parent-child interaction scene, Le Tu will create a happy layout for you, and there will be a happy family to enjoy the fun of the world. After that, the music will do its best to pay for it. In the near future, whether it is shopping environment, leisure environment, amusement environment , tourism environment, etc., Leto will be your life to accompany your life as your responsibility, and constantly introduce new products and services

product manual

product manual

Sitting on the slide to go to work ", is Google's unique features, but also built for the creation of free space, stainless steel slides break the traditional FRP, plastic relying on mold production, limited size change, appearance is dull, the original slide can not meet People's psychology of hunting, stainless steel rides jumped out of this limitation, of course, custom stainless steel slides also have its weakness, high cost, high technical requirements, long construction period, as high-end custom rides are also destined to be difficult to popularize, can only be played in pursuit In the hands of creative amusement equipment. Stainless steel slides are mainly used in residential areas, department stores, parks, homes, businesses, etc. In order to create a relaxed working environment and motivate employees, many companies have designed stainless steel metal slides in their offices. The advantage of stainless steel is that it is not only beautiful in appearance, but also can be controlled in length. It can be installed along stairs or in the middle of two floors, spiral slides, straight slides and curved ladders. Exquisite production technology can be customized according to the designer's vision. The tubular part of the slide is also equipped with a camera, which can take pictures of people who are sliding. The steel slide adds a Google-like feel, and customers can't wait to experience it when they visit. It also has other uses, such as transferring files and even wrapping. Outdoor stainless steel slides are more popular with children's parks, parent-child parks, and commercial complexes.

Personalized landscape amusement equipment

Personalized landscape play equipment:

With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, under this macroscopic situation, the original amusement equipment has not been able to meet the needs of high-level consumption. In 2013, the third generation of personalized amusements stood out and began a revolution. ... With the development of leisure tourism in recent years, the integration of amusement and landscape design has become increasingly adopted. What kind of landscape arrangement is it? It is to combine the scenes of life, the shape of the environment, and to be magical. Combine the scenes and amusements left by people's lives, and through this innovative combination, create a personalized landscape with unconventional and unique highlights. This kind of landscape is also known as “creative landscape play”, and personalized landscape play is boldly introduced into high-end real estate, main map parks, kindergartens, department stores, parks and other children's activity centers. It integrates the fitness and entertainment landscape, and carefully designs a variety of different styles and children's playgrounds based on the children's interests and hobbies. It is designed for children who like to drill, climb and slide. A new generation of outdoor play equipment with a unique appearance, bright colors, entertaining, full-featured and reliable quality

Log large combination amusement equipment

Log combination amusement equipment:

The affiliation of nature, the yearning for life, and the feelings of being difficult to give up from childhood, no matter the time of yesterday, regardless of the country, children will tend to be with the elements of nature, some slides, swings, ziplines, Rock climbing, crawling, expansion and other amusement facilities, water, sand, plants, sunlight, these natural elements give children an ever-changing play experience, and help them to develop awareness and control of nature in the process of the game. Animals, machinery, science and other slide parks in the Leisure Children Activity Center, to build a log-slide amusement park for children. In reality, many small partners see the tractors parked on the roadside want to sit up and shake the steering wheel and mouth. In the sound of "dudu", it is also very embarrassing to play. There is no mechanical realism, more imagination space, a chic styling log amusement equipment, climbing nets, climbing frames, stainless steel slides, and a lot of functions, sitting in the cockpit mouth to send out "dudu" The voice, playing is so happy, childhood is happy, adult memories are also happy, old people can also be alive

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