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brand introduction

 brand introduction

The reason why the world is beautiful is that people with a heart are always paying. Different from the prosperity of the city, after 70 years from the countryside, you can feel the gap between the countryside and the city. There are 7 billion people in the world, and there are many people who need to send happiness to the countryside. GUOBAO With the heart of the country, it is our duty to accompany the growth of rural children, so that the children in the world can enjoy the amusement. The company’s leaders are interested in the public, and the company will make unremitting efforts.

Rotating play series

Rotating play series:

The small and medium-sized amusement horses are raised and lowered, and it is a kind of entertainment products for infants and toddlers. A play device that can rotate 360° up and down. The seats for children are rich in style and various styles. Children ride in the seats, the administrator activates the switch, can automatically rotate, and at the same time do a uniform reciprocating movement, accompanied by beautiful children's songs (replaceable by themselves) and colorful lights, making children nostalgic round trip. The player has power-off memory playback function, intelligent music without interruption, automatic loop playback, low distortion, high quality. Rotating the plane is a favorite of children aged 2-6 in the playground. Whenever we go to the playground, there are many children who are clamoring for the carousel. On the outside of the carousel seat, there are stainless steel fences and safety belts to ensure that the children will not fall during the play, so that the children will not touch the head when playing; The operator installs the guardrail, and during the process of the children's play, it is required to have a special staff member to guard and keep it safe and comfortable. It is a good partner for children to play. Combining the richly shaped seats with the amusement equipment, its vivid form, the children sitting in the seat rotate, adding to the children's rich imagination.

Interactive experience series

Interactive experience series:

The interactive experience is an interactive experience project, such as interactive interactive projection, seismic simulation demonstration, aerial suspension imaging, dynamic platform, virtual flip book, time and space tunnel and other interactive multimedia exhibits. The company is in the concept of catching the doll machine. Develop a new generation of real people to catch dolls
Real-life interactive doll machine is a good project for celebration drainage activities
A. Team PK: The two groups of parents hang together, the children are commanded below, and the designated dolls are placed in the basket within 1 minute. Whoever puts the number, which group wins
B, parent-child interaction: children lift, parents control remote control. Go to the designated doll. The corresponding gift can be given according to the number of dolls caught.
C. Friendly match: At the specified time, one person will arrest the designated doll, one person will interfere with the other party, and see who will get the most dolls, who will win.
D, free to play: to do activities, limited time customers to play once, the dolls caught are their own.

Interactive experience series

Track train series:

The track train is also called a children's small train. It is a mechanical toy made by imitating a regular train. The locomotive is preceded by a few cartoon seats with a swing-like style for children to play. The track consists of regular rails. The models can be replaced as needed. The current is input to the track by the equipped motor box for the train to start. Adapted to parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc., specifications can be customized according to the size of the venue.

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