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Name:Chen Chaosheng
Mobile / WeChat:15967796969
 I,Chen Chaosheng, round face, big eyes, lively and cheerful personality, doing things carefully and carefully, and strict requirements for myself, to do today's business today. He has worked in the sales of internal logistics and production planning positions, and then transferred to the sales department for sales. Everything starts from scratch and shapes his own ability in many aspects. For me, every attempt is to exercise my own opportunities and to continuously improve my self-worth. After entering the society for more than 4 years, I have grown a lot. At the same time, I also understand that I must try everything before doing it. Don't negate it at the beginning. You don't try it. You never know where your limits are. .. Come on


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Mr. Xu
+ 0086-15167702299
 Wenzhou City, Yongjia County, Qiaoxia Town, Wenzhou Letu Youle Equipment Co., Ltd.
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