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Amway's investment is small back to the fast network red outdoor play equipment!

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Amway's investment is small back to the fast network red outdoor play equipment!

2020 has been close to the end, in which many playgrounds have been moved closed because of the cause of the epidemic, but what fun players still attract consumers, whether it is in the appearance or playing in the appearance. Among them, children's play equipment is deeply loved by the majority of tourists. The following small series is to introduce some of the devices that players who like the players like?

This article contains the following

1 net red suspension bridge

2 Super Trampoline Park

3 colorful slide

4 eye health

Dry snow slide main map 5

First, the net red suspension bridge

In fact, the Net Red Bridge is able to stand with the hanging bridge that sways, people can stand on the top of Zou Toy. The gameplay of Net Hongqiao is also very simple. Many people are also attracted to the net red bridge simple and exciting game: people stand in the bridge to swing, in order to ensure that they do not fall to the ground, they need to do ways to ensure their own balance. Although the nature of the net red bridge is simple, many people are very happy. Even Hunan Satellite TV specially launched a program about net red ridges.

Second, Super Trampoline Park

The trampoline park is a new indoor amusement sports park, through the trampoline, no matter whether adult or children can relax their mood. Trampoline movement can make adult fitness exercises, achieve the effect of weight loss, and children can strengthen the support of children with abdominal muscles and back ridges. As young people become the era of major consumption, the trampoline park has been popular with everyone.

Dry snow slide main map 14

Third, colorful slide

The colorful slide is also known as the drought snow slide or a colorful slide. Rainbow slide is a playful player with a large tourist attraction, because it has rich irritation, plus bright colors, and the investment cost is fast, and the shortage period is also subject to the scenic spot. welcome. The projects in the dry snow slide are also relatively abundant, including wavy slide, curved slide, flying bag slide, etc., the venue area can be small, playing in the form of play.

Fourth, the eye of the eye is fast

In fact, this is a project that exercises people's response capabilities. The game is mainly used in the form of electromechanical interaction. Go to pick up how many you can catch it. Such a net red project is spread all over the Internet, which has become the stall artifact of the mall.

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