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Analysis of the design main point of the water park

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Analysis of the design main point of the water park

The operation of the water park is a very detailed engineering. It is well known that the water park is one of the most important players, and many water rides are designed in accordance with the theme of drama. The site selection of the water park is related to the traffic conditions and meteorological conditions.

Tourists to the water park - including boarding routes, urban public transport (bus, subway, etc.), intercity transportation, etc., is convenient, will directly affect the number of water parks in the water park. The climate is also one of the important factors affecting the operation of the water park. Therefore, when planning design water park, you must consider the weather conditions of the project site selection. The meteorological conditions determine whether the operation time of the water park has the conditions of opening the night, should be built outdoor or indoor water park, which takes into account both. Indoor water parks can solve the impact of climate to the paradise, but investment is much larger than the outdoor water park.

Therefore, the ratio of the balance of the water park and the outdoor water park is particularly important, which will greatly affect the comfort of the tourists and the investment cost of the owner, so these planning and design points are very important when planning design.

This article contains content:

1. Planning and design of different functional areas

2, safe operation planning design

3. Planning and design of service supporting facilities

4. Planning and design of the food area

5. Planning and design of markers in the park

6, summary

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First, planning and design of different functional areas

Generally speaking, the passenger flow in the water park is concentrated in the park, because there are more water amusement facilities in this area, and more areas of young people and couples concentrate on play, but there are also some elderly and women in the park. On the one hand, the physical strength and energy of this part of the tourists are not as young as young people. On the other hand, their water is not very convenient, so they should distinguish the children's pool with the central play area and leave a certain gap.

Second, safe operation planning design

This is the top priority of the operation of the water park. Once there is an accident, it will affect the normal operation of the water park for a long time. Investors must give sufficient attention in this issue, exclude all safety hazards, doing every day before business Check, ensure that the business period is zero accident, especially the 6, 7, 8 months of the annual, is the peak period of tourists, the most prone to accidents, so when designing the water park, the installation of the ambulance channel should also consider When it is, and during operation, the channel cannot be blocked for any reason. When there is an emergency or accident, you can dredger visitors or conduct ambulance.

Third, the planning and design of service supporting facilities

The shower actually has a door or curtain, which fully protects the privacy of tourists, avoiding embarrassment, the comfort of the tourist experience is the most important factor in determining whether he repeated consumption.

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Fourth, the planning and design of the food area

When planning and designing the water park, the food area is essential, and the number can be distributed, and the scope should be as wide as possible to facilitate tourists to buy and consume, the food area is also a leisure area, there must be enough rest When the facilities, the conditions can also be configured to configure the inflatable lounge chair, and also considering the management of food waste. Each leisure area should be set up in a trash can and keep the regional environment hygiene, and ensure that the region will not pollute the park. Water body.

Five, planning and design of markers in the park

It is necessary to have some markers in the park planning and design, and the league is high.

Six, summary

When planning and design, it is not possible to simply consider the basic planning and other basic planning. To start from the daily operational needs of the water park, the shower feature, eating habits, rental needs, performance characteristics, tourists safety, etc., to achieve the theme, entertainment, and immersive scene of the water park throughout the park. Attract tourists and long-term operations.

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