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Animal custom parrot outdoor non-standard landscape amusement_letu non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Parrot combination slide non-standard landscape amusement
[Product specifications] customization
[Product model] ltsg-1133
[Product color] picture color, custom
[Product Features] Color bright, high-end material, GS certification, long-term wear
[Product Use] is suitable for major playgrounds, shopping malls, parks, communities, etc.
[Order hotline] 15167702299
  • LTSG-1133
  • 1133

Product Description

Parrot combination slide main map 4

Parrot combination slideNon-standard landscape amusement equipmentparameter
product name Parrot combination slide outdoor non-standard landscape amusement
product brand NUUTOO / music map
Product number LTSG-1133
Product specifications custom made
Product color Picture color, custom
product material 304 stainless steel, environmentally friendly painted, PE
Age 3+
Applicability Outdoor park, high-end community, scenic project construction, self-construction site, campus, municipal center, etc.
Transportation installation Transportation installation integration, guarantee product transportation and installation without damage, safety

product description

Non-standard travel + children's paradise + Duru tourist scenic parrot slide (22)

Non-standard landscape amusement equipment is the ame, personalized, simple and relatively strong modern outdoor play products, which was originally popular in some people in foreign countries. With the love and sought after in the country, in the near future, this A high-quality and high-quality equipment has also begun to popularize in China. Non-landscape amusement equipment can now be seen in the high-end hotels, outdoor squares, park communities, high-end hotels, and scenic spots.

Non-standard travel + children's paradise + Du's tourist scenic parrot slide (26)

The role of non-standard travel equipment is not just a fun, in fact, it can also be combined to the actual site situation to bring a better visual effect experience. For example, in an outdoor forest scenic spot project, a single Search theme's play project will inevitably make people feel depressed. If there is a spray home in the venue, a royal family such a rockhouse will make people I feel kind.

Non-standard travel + children's paradise + Duke tourist spots parrot slide (27)

product price

Children's Paradise Equipment + Parrot Slide + Foreign Amusement Case (2)

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in investors who are for the majority of amusement industries. From the initial use of manufacturers that are only a production product, it is now possible to bring a detailed and professional investment plan for customers. This is our growth. It is also our performance in the market.

Children's Paradise Equipment + Parrot Slide + Foreign Amusement Case (3)

The music maps are always adhering to the principle of customer first, bringing strong effects of equipment products. Parrot combination slide non-standard landscape amusement is the original product of the music map, from the first inspiration design, construction production, and application improvement, it is very powerful, so our product is very high. As the number of circulation in the market gradually increases, many manufacturers have also begun to imitate our process.

Children's Paradise Equipment + Parrot Slide + Foreign Amusement Case (10)

However, it should be noted that we are very serious about the quality and details of the product, never let go of any small details, and a product producing we need to make a confirmation of at least 20 times, will be packaged. Therefore, you want to buy a safe and reliable product or choose the music map.

Children's Paradise Equipment + Parrot Slide + Foreign Amusement Case (11)

Music Amusement has always adhered to the quality of the product, the price is moderate in the market, serving the public, buying non-standard landscape playing equipment to choose a lottery will be the first step in success, welcome: 15167702299!

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common problem

Q: How to guarantee customizedNon-standard landscape amusement equipmentColor conforms to the site?

A: We will perform field measurements and investigations on the site before making equipment production, and will also go to the detailed dimensional diagram of the site, the environment around the site, to ensure a suitable theme landscape playground.

Q: What are the benefits of buying your products?

A: Custom service, transportation and installation, high-end material production, after-sales, full free teaching installation, support for opening activities.

Q: Can the non-standard landscape play equipment project specifications can change?

A: Of course, our products are tailored, so we will design the appropriate landscape play equipment according to the actual size of the site.

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