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Animal customized large outdoor amusement equipment_letto non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Animal Customized Large Outdoor Amusement Equipment [Product model] LT-GJ183 [Product specifications] custom services [Product color] custom service [Product Features] GS certification, high-intensity service life, long-term wear resistance, sunscreen rain [Case Show] Hefei Zhonghai Real Estate [Product Use] Mall, kindergarten, scenic spots, playgrounds, etc., set, set, \"jumping, climbing, climbing, walking \", etc. [Order hotline] 18057732525
  • LT-GJ183
  • NUUTOO非标
  • 183

Product parameters

Animal custom large outdoor play equipmentNon-standard combination amusement product parameters
product name Animal custom large outdoor play equipment
Product specifications custom made
Product number Specifications according to the proportion of venues
Product color Custom color
product material

Galvanized steel pipe, imported eucalyptus, navigation marine cable, imported engineering plastic, 304 stainless steel

Suitable age 2+
Applicability Park, Amusement Park, Shopping Mall, Business Activity Center, School, Scenic Project Construction
Transportation installation Soft package + frame fixation, full tracking installation service

Large children's play equipment giant deer combination slide product introduction (1)

Large children's play equipment giant deer combination slide product introduction (2)

product description

Animal Series Main Figure-1.1

Outdoor large animal children's non-standard combination slides are currently more common amusement equipment, because of the realistic shape and fun playing project, can't help but become a game toy favorite.Meihua Slide is a new non-standard travel product launched by Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., with high strength wear-resistant properties, and a very popular product. The Meihua Slide belongs to the integrated sportsmenery. Only by climbing can complete the slide project, it is more suitable for children over 3 years old, and the strength of project play is not large, and it is more suitable for leisure and fun.

Animal series main map -1

This outdoor non-standard combination custom slide is suitable for installations in major cells, senior kindergartens, scenic projects, children's paradise and other places, and the specifications and colors of the project can be directly defined according to customer requirements, from the perfect angle of design. Amusement equipment with higher quality and better fun. In order to extend the service life of the product, bring a great play experience for players, for the use of materials is very strict, galvanized steel pipe, imported eucalyptus, nautical marine cable, imported engineering plastic, 304 stainless steel is a plum deer non-standard combination slide Using raw materials, rugged products use enhanced user experience.

Pluma deer (2)

product price

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with strict process production level, professional technical team, and perfect equipment in national play equipment companies. The music map creates different models of amusement equipment, the appearance innovation is beautiful, the function is superior, the high-end product quality, establishes a good sales credibility and product word of mouth, and obtains the favor of new and old users across the country.

Large Children's Play Equipment Gulu Combination Slide Project Case (3)

Animal custom large outdoor play equipment is widely used in major outdoor playgrounds, children's paradise, forest parks and other places. Now there is currently a case in which music map non-standard amusement equipment has Hefei Zhonghai Real Estate, Yangzhou Forest Sports Park, Outdoor Pirates Self-built Site. Since our products use high-end materials, and customizes for external establishment, it is more productive than other common manufacturers than other common manufacturers.

Large Children's Play Equipment Gulu Combination Slide Project Case (4)

Top and baffles and slides ---- use imported engineering plastics, penetrate into anti-ultraviolet, anti-static agents and anti-decolorized rains, large strength, smooth surface, good elasticity, safe environmental protection, good weather resistance, no fading; Particular parts ---- column uses galvanized steel pipes, no rust, vapor rust, thorn sand, surface plastic powder passed by double-level spraying, 180 degrees high temperature curing, anti-UV; wooden part - - High-quality imported eucalyptus, wood hard, good drying, strong water resistance, not easy to worry, not easy to crack, not easy to deform.

Large Children's Play Equipment Gulu Combination Slide Project Case (5)

Chau Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive service project. From one, we will lead to customer service principles, music map products are reasonable, the quality is reliable, and there is a good word of mouthful in the entire amusement industry. Welcome to find the field visit, call Consultation: 15167702299

Large Children's Play Equipment Gulu Combination Slide Project Case (6)

common problem

Q: Can I go to the music map non-standard tourist franchise store to investigate?

A: We will recommend you to the music map outdoor non-standard tourist franchise store to experience the experience and the project's inspection, and you also welcome you to our company for assessment, all-round understanding.

Q: Where is the advantage of Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.?

Music Amusement Equipment Co. Product quality and after-sales service are more comprehensive integration!

Q: How much does the animal customized large outdoor play equipment?

A: The price of each product depends on the material, production process, transportation and installation of the product, because of the different customer needs, there are different design options when developing products. If you want to know the product price in detail, you can consult our customer service detailed questions.

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