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Beetle large outdoor amusement equipment_letu non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Beetle Slide
[Product weight] 80kg
[Product Specifications] can be customized according to site
[Product Features] GS certification, high anti-corrosion, anti-erosion
[Product Use] Children's Park, Senior Kindergarten, Tourist Attractions Project to build a game supporting facilities, players can get a diversity slip series action
[Order hotline] 15167702299
  • HT145
  • Nuutoo/非标
  • 145

Product parameters

Chamo non-standard travelBeetle slideProduct parameters
product name Beetle slide
product brand NUUTOO / non-standard
Product specifications Customized according to the venue
Product number LT145
product material 304 stainless steel / log
Product color Picture color (customizable)
Suitable age 2+
Applicable scene Community, hotel, tourist scenic spot, children's park, playground, holiday center, etc.
Transportation installation
  1. Professional transportation logistics direct reachable venues installation destination, full high quality outsourcing, no damage

  2. After installing the product straight, the full professional installation team tracks installation

Non-standard travel + beetle combination amusement + combination slide 6

Non-standard travel + beetle combination amusement + combination slide 2

product description

Non-standard travel + Beetle + Amusement facility + combination slide 10

This is a new outdoor non-standard amusement equipment. The beetle slide is a 304 stainless steel as raw material. It is a great investment project for investors, because this equipment is strong, anti-proof sun, wear resistance Ok, don't worry that the product is replaced in a few years, and there is no need to worry about the later maintenance costs during normal applications.

Non-standard travel + Beetle + Amusement Facility + Combination Slide - (9)

Beetle non-standard taxula use places wide, in the ordinary children's paradise, playground, scenic spots can be used as a novel supporting equipment, because the overall equipment is better, it is also convenient to install, and is also complete in installation design. Effective customization of the site can reduce the waste of the site, maximize the equipment to play a certain attraction and practical role.

Non-standard travel + Beetle + Amusement facility + combination slide - (4)

product price

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with strict process production level, professional technical team, and perfect equipment in national play equipment companies.

Non-standard travel + Beetle + Amusement Facilities + Combination Slide - (7)

Outdoor non-standard combined slide projects are designed in the appearance of the project, which is a good advantage of high anti-corrosion, long-term wear-resistant, odorless painting, with high anti-corrosive, long-term wear-resistant, odorless painting, under the strict process audit. . Second, the outdoor project of the beetle custom insects is a project with nature as a prototype design, so it will have more efforts under other ordinary equipment, from design and production of products to the product, every step It was the Dali of multiple programs.

Non-standard travel + Beetle + Amusement Facilities + Combination Slide - (5)

This may form a high-specific, high-quality equipment finished product, so the product value corresponding to the price is highlighted. At the time of purchase equipment, it should be strictly based on the quality of the product, and the high price products will have a certain advantage in quality.

Non-standard tour + Beetle + Amusement Facility + Combination Slide - (2)

Music Amusement has been conscientious in the amusement equipment industry to provide more interesting equipment projects, high quality, all-round service, perfect installation after you will be your reason for your choice. If you want to learn more about the product purchase process and join our brand, please contact your phone or message directly: 15167702299

common problem

Q: How many budgets needed to build such an outdoor non-standard tour?

answer:Depending on the size of different venues, we can provide 50,000 -500,000 outdoor non-standard equipment. Our team will customize the appropriate equipment products based on the venue and your budget. Please consult the sales consultant to provide a case reference.

Q: How do I buy your products?

A: You will see the relevant product details in this interface, select the product you wish and then give us a message, we will arrange the sales adviser to learn more about your demand plan.

Q: How do your equipment transported? Does transportation damage?

Professional transportation logistics direct reachable venues installation destination, full high quality outsourcing, no damage

Company strength

Company Strength 01 + Nuutoo + Chart Brand Story (1)Company strength 02+ service capabilitiesCompany Strength 06 + Nuutoo + Chau Rongyi CertificateCompany strength 09 + NUTOO + engineering caseCompany Strength 07 + Nuutoo + Chart Production BaseCompany strength 03+ selection of music map


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