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Can wooden play equipment withstand the sun and rain?

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Can wooden play equipment withstand the sun and rain?

WoodenPlayground EquipmentBecause it is based on nature, it has the characteristics of natural, environmental protection, nature and health. It can bring people and materials, people and nature closer. It is in line with the psychological needs of modern urban people who admire nature. Hold. In the community and parks, wooden play equipment has gradually become the main trend trend. Then,WoodenCan the amusement equipment withstand the sun and rain?

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    For this question, the answer to the music tour is that it depends on what kind of wood is used in your wooden play equipment. If you choose some inferior solid wood or synthetic boards, you naturally can't stand the test of nature. However, if you choose some anti-corrosion solid wood with better anti-corrosion performance and strong weather resistance, then its durability is no worse than plastic, stainless steel and other materials of amusement equipment, and even better. So which wood is madeWoodenIs the amusement equipment more suitable for outdoor use?

Pinus sylvestris

    The heartwood of Pinus sylvestris is reddish-brown, the sapwood is yellowish brown, the color is natural, and the texture is clear, revealing the natural beauty. Its fine material, moderate density, water resistance, yellowing resistance, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance are the main raw materials for China's national defense rot wood.

    Because of its rapid growth, Pinus sylvestris also has the characteristics of low cost and low cost. Among many wood preservatives, Pinus sylvestris can be said to be the most cost-effective outdoor.WoodenOne of the raw materials for amusement equipment is outdoorWoodenPreferred material for amusement equipment.

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    The oak texture is straight, the structure is thick, the color is light and elegant, the texture is beautiful, the mechanical strength is quite high, the wear resistance is strong, the corrosion resistance and the weather resistance are strong, the toughness is excellent, and it can be processed into various curved shapes according to needs, which is quite beautiful. The wood is fine, and there are more intrusions in the hole of the pipe. It is not easy to absorb water, resist corrosion and has high strength. It is one of the very good outdoor materials.


    Rosewood is divided into red pears and huanghuali.

    Red pear is a kind of nearly perfect wood, the color is bright red and beautiful, the wood looks straight round, the specification is long and thick, the texture is excellent, the yield is high, and it has high utilization value. It is one of the favorite woods of Chinese people. Mainly used to build temples, landscape pavilions, etc. Of course, it is also good outdoorWoodenOne of the selection of amusement equipment.

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    Huanghua pear, also known as Hainan rosewood, Hainan huanghuali wood, is the top redwood. Because of its slow material, solid wood and beautiful patterns, Huanghuali Wood has always been among the four famous trees. The texture of the yellow pear wood is very clear, such as flowing water, very beautiful. The most important thing is that the wood quality of Huanghua Pear is extremely stable. It does not deform, crack, bend, and has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance. If it is used for outdoor amusement equipment, no one can be so extravagant. Here is the Huanghua forest imported from Africa. For some amusement equipment that needs special modeling, such as three-bend legs, the curvature is very large. Only Huanghua can make it, and other woods are more difficult. Although this Huanghualin is not a yellow pear, it is because Huanghualin has many excellent properties that other solid woods do not have. The amusement equipment created by Huang Hualin is also the highest in the solid wood amusement equipment.

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    These solid woods are all anti-corrosion wood, have strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for outdoor use. Among them, imported Huanghualin has the best weather resistance and anti-corrosion, but the cost is also the most expensive, and the weather resistance and anti-corrosion of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica is also very good. It is currently the most popular and the most cost-effective outdoor.WoodenPlay equipment materials. You can choose according to your own needs.

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