Cangzhou House Color Slide Makes the grass field better

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Cangzhou House Color Slide Makes the grass field better

The colorful slide project is an outdoor play project with ski experience designed by the Dry Snow Project. It can experience the skiing of skiing because there is no natural snowfield in the southern cities. For example, the colorful slide of Zhangzhou hiwraffeng is to make a colorful slide in the grassland, so that a single graver is enriched, not only look good, and the project of the play is also rich.

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Cangzhou House Color Slide Makes the grass field better

There is a good greening in the southern cities, and the grass farm is more common, you can use a rich grassland resource to make a slurry project. For example, there is a large graver in Zhangzhou, but this project is a single one. Long-term operation will lose fresh feelings, and the selling point is insufficient. So make a Zhangzhou festivalColorful slideIt will have a very good effect. Now the colorful slide is a popular amusement project, and it is more attractive to the grassland. The colorful slide can be used in the natural terrain of the pasture, which is also reduced in the construction cost.

The colorful slide seems to have a Rainbow Bridge in the air, so that the green grass farm has a more vivid color, the environment of the grassland can also be improved. The length of the colorful slide slide in Zhangzhou can reach several tens of meters, with a width of more than ten meters, which can meet hundreds of people. This slide experience is more fun than simple slice, because the material of the slide is mainly PP material, the experience in which the decline is more smooth, bringing a better experience for tourists. In the colorful slide, it seems to have passed a seven-color bridge. It feels very good. Many people play card net red color slide is to take pictures on the rainbow slide and can earn a lot of attention in the circle of friends.

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Cangzhou House Color Slide Makes the grass field better

The material of the colorful slide is durable, and the temperature can be adapted outdoors. Different colorful slides and snakes in Cangzhou, the colorful slide frame is set up, and it is necessary to replace the snowflakes with severe wear. However, this situation is relatively small because the quality is good because the quality is good And the installed slide is very secure. This saves a lot of operating costs, which is very beneficial for investment management. Colorful slides can be used throughout the year, as long as the outdoor conditions can meet people's outgings. It can also be made into water slides in summer, so cool and cool, suitable for children to play.

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