Characteristics of outdoor stainless steel slides

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Characteristics of outdoor stainless steel slides

Slide is a rides with a long history. From the previous wooden slide, develop to the current plastics, stainless steel slides, accompanying a generation of children's growth. Today we have to say that there is an outdoor stainless steel slide, what is the characteristic of outdoor stainless steel slides?

This article contains the following:

1, slide

2, the advantages of stainless steel slides

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First, slide

The slide belongs to the integrated sportsmenery, only through climbing to perform slide activities, children can play slides to have a firm will and confidence in order to cultivate their brave spirit. When your child slipped down, you can enjoy the joy of success. Slide is a kind of child sports activities, common in kindergartens or children's playgrounds, suitable for children aged 3-6, as well as special use slides, such as slides such as lifeguards. The slide is installed on a side of the elevated side, and the other side is installed in the slide plate (usually straight into the strand), the child is down from the slide, from the oblique plate.

Second, the advantages of stainless steel slides

1, more extensive application

Stainless steel slides are a more novel amusement equipment. At present, the topics on the market are basically plastic materials, roll molded, mold production, but large-scale production leads to slide size, shape fixation, and can not meet some irregular places. . Stainless steel rides just jump out of this limiter. In the application, stainless steel slides can be divided into indoor stainless steel slides and outdoor stainless steel slides.

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2, the shape is more

Stainless steel slides are not limited by the height length, from 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, or from a six-layer top roof, it has been extended to the ground. Stainless steel slides can be a spiral S slide, straight slide, curved slide, tube slip, half-tube, straight slide, cross slide, and transparent hood, transform multicolored light, light color photo people. A wide range of beautiful designs, integrating the designer's thinking, and brings you different views and fun.

3, the material is more guaranteed

In terms of use, the stainless steel slide is more environmentally friendly, more resistant to corrosion, smoother, and more smooth. Especially for parks, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, resort hotels, etc., stainless steel custom slides can often be suitable for local conditions, suitable for installation, commissioning, and customizing various ramps slides. Today, while pursuing differentiation and innovation, it is only satisfied with its own design inspiration, and all kinds of strange ideas can be reflected through stainless steel slides, and they are also favored by children and parents, stainless steel slides are your play. The first point.

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