Chau play provides professional custom non-standard amusement equipment

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Chau play provides professional custom non-standard amusement equipment

With different materials modeling of non-standard play equipment in front of the public to show its advantages, more people know the pleasure of non-standard products. Non-standard children's play equipment is not only applicable to traditional amusement parks, scenic spots, schools, architectural malls, etc., but also demonstrate local cultural characteristics through custom non-standard series products. So, what is a non-standard product? You play with music map to learn more about!

This article contains the following

1. The concept of non-standard play equipment

2. The advantages of non-standard play equipment reflect

3. Select the material of the non-standard play equipment

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First, the concept of non-standard play equipment

In many playgrounds we can see different shapes and sizes of play equipment, which it considered non-standard play equipment? In fact, the gap between ordinary non-standard play equipment and play equipment is standard and customized production volume. Non-standard play equipment is in accordance with the size and characteristics of the individual design of the actual site, the product mix to meet the different needs. Non-standard rides are not in full accordance with industry standards and specifications of the national unity issue of the production of ordinary products to consumer needs and characteristics of the site to manufacture, and the appearance is unrestricted.

Second, the advantages of non-standard play equipment reflect

Non-standard travel equipmentThe biggest advantage is the unique creativity and personalization, but also because of this, so a lot of non-standard products are well received. The production of children's play equipment manufacturers will be measured in advance of Site site characteristics, the overall construction price will be higher than the average price of equipment, mainly because of the mold and the ability to custom requirements are higher, fewer conditions and reuse.

In some unique outdoor scenic spots and the surroundings of the community, it is often chosen to enhance the famous gas and influence.

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Third, the material selection of non-standard travel equipment

The equipment raw materials used in the market is a large color engineering plastic pipe. This material can produce a wooden bridge, slide slide, and soft wood and other equipment. It is a safe, price center, and high-profile material. In addition, there are many stainless steel, and the non-standard amusement products of pear floral wood quality are also well received in the market.

All in all, non-standard travel equipment can greatly play the thinking of children and physical strength, and is a raw play product that children and parents are relatively favored. If you are now considering designing a different kind of play products, you can consider custom non-standard series. Map play provides a site survey, design, production, transportation, installation of site surveys, and guarantee product quality.


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