Child like outdoor play equipment

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Child like outdoor play equipment

After investigation, most of those who have accessible outdoor play equipment are not fun, design is not new, and the game is too single. So, many children have been bored for a while. If the city, the tourists continue outdoor playground, the equipment is unique, creative, fun and irritating, and many children are rushing to play. This article introduces the equipment that more children like more players.

This article contains:

1, outdoor climbing rope network

2, stainless steel slide

3, hill slope

4, trampoline

Non-standard outdoor play equipment + children's play equipment factory - (25)

First, outdoor climbing rope network

Outdoor climbing rope network can exercise, cultivate your self-confidence during play, children can cultivate not afraid of difficulties from being unremitted from small.

2: Stainless steel slide

Stainless steel slides can promote children's tactile development, let children experience the difference in tactile in the process of playing various stainless steel slides, and promote child tactile development. In addition, stainless steel slides can make children feel the speed, exercise children's coordination skills and physical control ability, and promote the comprehensive development of the body.

Three: Hillside slide

Mountain slides can exercise your child's body balance, exercise your child's mind, let your child feel speed.

Non-standard outdoor play equipment + children's play equipment factory - (24)

Four: Trampoline

Trampoline movement is based on children's entertainment and motion. While promoting the development of the child's leg muscle group and the cerebellar balance nervous system and the brain nervous system, the bones play a mechanical stimulus, which is also beneficial to the growth of height. In addition, this movement can also enhance the function of each organ system of children, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen new metabolism, promote cardiopulmonary function, enhance pulmonary power in the trampoline process, have a good prevention and treatment of the common diseases of the respiratory tract. Role. Promoting gastrointestinal motility in motion, enhancing digestive ability and appetite, and has an auxiliary role in anorexia.

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