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Children's Water Park on the Requirements of Amusement Equipment?

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Children's Water Park on the Requirements of Amusement Equipment?

Children's Water Park is an outdoor children's water recreation site that is relatively large, but has to admit that children's water park is the true demand for children. The Water Park Amusement Project requires strong weather resistance such as soaking in the water for a long time. Today, Xiaobian is mainly for most water park investors asking questions: What is the requirement for children's water park on amusement equipment. Xiaobian is mainly explained in the form of a water slide!

This article contains the following

1. General classification of water slide equipment

2. Difficulty of water slide equipment design

3. Water slide equipment play function

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one,Water slide equipmentGeneral classification

There are two categories of water slides in the water park, one is a super long water slide of a large excess of several tens of meters; one is a water slide in a small children's water park. Large water slides are water devices that provide boys slide, and the stability requirements are very stringent for the safety of the structure. The water slide equipment is a large device in a large paradise, and the level division is a class of special equipment. Each equipment is produced, and the examination acceptance of special equipment is required. Small area of ​​small drama rides covers a smaller area, and more effects are the atmosphere of more strong play through water spraying to enhance the park.

Second, the difficulty of the design of the water slide equipment

Regardless of how the level of water slide equipment is installed outdoors, the role of the natural environment is very obvious. Therefore, the water slide is required to make a more detailed functional calculation of the product in design, such as intensity, stiffness, stability, moisture-proof ability, anti-side sliding capacity analysis, all the role needs to achieve corresponding security The range of coefficients and has the corresponding qualification engineer audit before production.

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Third, the play function of the water slide equipment

Water play projects usually make players to play the role of water playing summer, but the water slide is not only the key to the good operation of the water park, but also the key operation of the water park is not only. The play system with different specifications of water slide equipment is different, depending on the difficulty of design.

The demand for rides can be said to be strict, because security is a key factor in the amusement industry, regardless of the equipment, it is truly determined that the second consumption of customers is safe and the experience of playing.

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