Children's combination slide investors should first understand the ladder material

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Children's combination slide investors should first understand the ladder material

Everyone knows that the role of children's slides is to provide people with a leisure slide, and the combination slide is more diverse than ordinary slides, not only to meet the children's preferences and nature, but also develop them. The social ability level, enhances physical exercise skills, promotes the growth of sensory systems, is a comprehensive children's paradise for children. Therefore, many investors have valued their development advantages. Today, music maps are for children's slide materials and everyone, and children's combined slide investors should first understand the slave production materials or classification.

This article contains the following

1. Metal material

2. Rubber material

3. Wooden material

4. Plastic material

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First, metal material

Metal materials commonly used in the production of children with fiberglass, stainless steel. The outer surface of the slide formed by the metal material is rugged and durable, and the smooth treatment can be performed, and the molding can be performed according to different needs. It is also because stainless steel material and glass steel material is relatively strong, and the roller slide is shaped, and the straight slide is popular. However, if there is no treatment on the processing, the sharp corner will have an impact on the child's safety.

Second, rubber material material

The advantage of rubber material is relatively soft and plasticity, and can shape different kinds of facility components. Rubber materials are also easier to do paint, color choice is rich, and the corners can be rounded, and flexiblely assembled according to their favorite requirements. But there is also a disadvantage, it is difficult to recycle again, and the fading degumming is relatively serious.

Third, wooden material

Wooden materials are one of nature, naturally five toxicity, raw materials are inexpensive, and equipment can be created in different shapes and styles. However, because wooden material lengths are used in outdoor, they will be affected by factors such as weather factors, pests, resulting in a short use time.

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Fourth, plastic material

Children's plastic combination slides are often used in some small community parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc., which is the material is soft. The children are not easy to be injured when playing, while rich color matching can attract children's attention. force. However, many of the plastic materials contain a certain toxic substance, which has certain effects on the safety and health of children.

Children's combined slide investors should first understand the material of the sliding ladder is the above, investors can consult the corresponding investment manufacturers to understand the slide samples produced by each material, and experience the play feelings of different materials.


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