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Children's indoor park Cangzhou Feihong outdoor large trampoline park

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Children's indoor park Cangzhou Feihong outdoor large trampoline park

     Zhangzhou FeihongOutdoor trampolineThe venue is on an empty grass field.Outdoor trampolineIt has an area of ​​500 square meters and the space is large enough. There are more than 60 ordinary trampolines in the venue, including sponge area, free jumping area, professional trampoline area, dodgeball area, slam dunk area, ninja space, and seven sports boards, such as the ball room. Both adults and children can play. Come and play! The color of the colorful soft bag in the pavilion and the green grass outside the museum are bright and vibrant. The wall is made of wood material, which makes people closer to nature and brings a warm and warm feeling!

Outdoor trampoline + large trampoline + trampoline paradise

    Outdoor trampolineThe owner of the venue has been inspecting the order from our company and it took only ten days.Mr. Pan said: "Products must be installed before the National Day. The flow of our National Day in the grass field is very large." The post-installation master and the staff of the venue stayed up late, worked overtime, and smoothly installed the equipment. When you are good, there are a lot of tourists who can't wait to go up and play.

Indoor large trampoline + naughty castle + children's playground

Slam dunk is everyone's dream. In this area, you can freely dunk like a slam dunk, become Kobe, James is not a dream, the most important thing is that the handsome figure can also attract a large number of fans to worship the eyes.

Square play + non-standard custom + stainless steel slide

HouseholdExternal trampolineNinja space area considerations

1. It is forbidden for no manager to start playing at the scene, and the manager will demonstrate it once during the play to conduct the game training; the management personnel must check the safety protection measures before they can.

2, do not climb the truss

3. Only one person is allowed to play at the same time.

4, when playing the grasping function items, avoid arm strain and drop the sponge pool, try to avoid colliding with the sponge pool

5. Do not disassemble the carabiner, screws, etc. in the project.

6, ready to enter the ninja space project

7. The Ninja Space Project has certain risks. Do not use items that you cannot bear or pass. For example, parents will lift the children up and play.

Horizontal bar, easy to cause children to fall, arm strain and other injuries

Large climbing + combination slide + stainless steel S slide

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