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Children's outdoor non-standard amusement design stainless steel slide large crawling design considerations

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Children's outdoor non-standard amusement design stainless steel slide large crawling design considerations

   Leisure agriculture has a natural connection with children. Children who play in nature will feel relaxed and happy, but want to develop leisure agriculture. The parent-child market is a group of customers to consider.

In order to attract family and children, leisure farms must design safe, healthy and entertaining outdoor play spaces to meet the children's desire to be close to nature and experience outdoor fun.

For outdoor design for kids, keep in mind 11 things:

First, why do children have to play outdoors?

This is already a topic of commonplace. Playing outdoors often can improve your child's immunity, enhance their physical fitness, and stimulate creativity and imagination. Most importantly, playing outside the kids will mobilize all the sense organs, which makes them aware of the existence of the self.

If you list the benefits of outdoor play, this list should also include: improving children’s ability to think and solve problems rationally, and nurturing children.respectThe consciousness of nature and other creatures, and so on.

                                                                                                   Second, the accessibility of the playground

A good playground should welcome all groups of children, regardless of their age, what kind of behavior and cognitive ability.

When designing a playground, excellent planners also need to provide convenience for children with disabilities, children with feelings and visual impairments, and even children with autism. For example, the healing garden is a play solution for a specific group of children.

Third, age-appropriate design

In order to design a piece of safer and more interestingChildren's playgroundDesigners should plan different play zones for groups of children of different ages.

Children of different ages vary greatly in terms of size, behavior and cognitive ability. For example, a place designed for children aged 6~23 months should provide auxiliary facilities such as crawling, standing and walking. For playgrounds designed for children aged 5 to 12, there should be enough space for them to Run or play ball games.

Fourth, safety first

To ensure the safety of the site, we must first strengthenChildren's playgroundFrom the venue to a variety of rides and landscapes, ensure that you are secure and secure; stay away from busy roads, whether it is roadways or sidewalks; and stay away from dangerous sources of water.

Fifth, carefully choose hardening pavement

In order to ensure that children play without worry, don’t worry about falling and hurting, but alsoChildren's playgroundThe hardening of the area is more thoughtful.

Concrete and asphalt pavementChildren's playgroundThis is not advisable because the pavement does not have any cushioning properties.

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