Children's playground equipment

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Children's playground equipment

The main participants in the children's playground are children.Children's playground equipmentThe choice will affect the popularity and benefit of the playground. There are some novice investors lack this experience to dazzling the venues of the playground in the market. It is difficult to choose the child like to play. So what interest in the children's playground?

This article contains the following:

1, space sand

2, children's simulation driving school

3, interactive trampoline

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First, space sand

Solar Sand is a toy color sand consisting of 98% Sea and 2% food grade crosslinker, with good fluidity and plasticity, soft feel, not sticky. Space Sand can inspire children's imagination and create desires, while stimulating children's brain nerve development, improving hand-head coordination skills.

Second, children simulate driving school

Children's Simulation Driving School is designed to cultivate children's good transportation habits, children's simulation driving schools are equipped with luxury princess trucks, analog signal lights, gas stations, voice toll stations, electric lifting rods, voice tunnels, car space, traffic signs, traffic police Educational facilities such as station, DDP high imitation floor rubber route, various traffic signs and other educational facilities.

In order to help children learn traffic rules faster, include these projects, guide children to correctly understand traffic lights and traffic signs. Let the children follow the small compliance with traffic rules, improve their safety awareness, and eliminate bad traffic habits, develop good traffic habits from small.

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Third, interactive trampoline

The interactive trampoline is a large interactive game system projected on a trampoline. In the interactive projection game, interactive technology is perfectly combined with the trampoline, capturing the land trajectory of the children's trampoline through the action capture system to form a wonderful interactive effect. You can also interact together with multiple children and cross them in a virtual scene. A variety of different types of game cyclic switches, attracting children's curiosity, letting children's game experience is new!

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