Children's playground equipment trend analysis

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Children's playground equipment trend analysis

With the acceleration of urbanization, children in the city are getting less and less. At present, children's entertainment space is serious. andOutdoor large playgroundCompared to children need to be safer, unscrupulous, indoor children's play parks can play in cold winter or hot summer. So how is the trend of the children's playground development?

This article contains the following:

1. Urban project realistic analysis

2, indoor children's paradise look forward to the future

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I. Realistic analysis of urban projects

According to relevant surveys, many families have entered the indoor children's playground in some first-line and second-tier cities, which takes 100-300 yuan on the entertainment project every day, about 1,500 yuan per month, and some large children's playgrounds on weekends or holidays. Ear earned 30,000 yuan a day. Some children's amusement park operators say they designed children's entertainment programs for money. Some personalized entertainment toys can be surrounded by parents, as long as they stick to their children, let them want to play. On the other hand, according to many parents, when they play with their children, they will unconsciously enjoy it, even being attracted by the equipment of the Children's Park, especially the baby machine or some lottery machines. Therefore, there is a common expectation of hundreds of dollars in the family. Take the rotating Trojan in the City Children's Playground as an Example. Every three minutes, each time you can accommodate about ten children. The cost of an experience is one hundred yuan. According to 15 calculations per hour, the cost is 1,500 yuan, which is just project income. The cost of purchasing equipment for the children's playground is from 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. Some playgrounds can restore the original cost within one day of the holiday, including the cost of renting the playground. Summer is the peak season for three months. Naturally, income is very considerable. If the site exceeds 1000 square meters, more than 10 children's entertainment activities, the daily income will reach 30,000 to 40,000 yuan.

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Second, the indoor children's park is looking forward to the future

Industry insiders said,Children's playgroundThe development of parents and children is not smooth, just five or six years ago, there is a group of children's indoor playgrounds for parents and children, but will soon disappear. The reason is that operators simply think that only entertainment products need to be placed on the floor, almost no special service and management. Later, with the development of the industry, the parent-child playground introduced the company's management concept, such as providing socks, disinfection, 24-hour monitoring, membership system, etc., these meticulous service details reflect the overall development and progress of the industry, many phenomena indicate The market outbreak point of the children's consumption market has changed from the first-line big cities to the second line, the three-wire small city, and even. The second-third-line market has all the features of emerging markets, such as high growth, high returns, market size is generally small, investors are immature. If the brand company turns from the highly competitive first-tier cities to the second-teeni-year market, there is a large amount of space. In addition, according to market experts, the two market segments of investment promoting the market is the children's clothing market and children's amusement park market, and these two markets will have greater development in the future.

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