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Children's playground plan

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Children's playground plan

Life requires a lot of keys, a children's playground is open life of a key. Knowledge and beauty in the bud here, a children's playground is like a dream birthplace, children can grow up happy here, turn their creative journey!

Shaanxi Xi'an Daxing Adventure Island + Stainless Steel Slide - (12)

First, the safety of children's playground equipment

Safety equipment to the children a safe and happy childhood, kindergarten is especially important in the purchase of outdoor play equipment, outdoor play equipment purchase must first choose the safest. In the children's playground design, whether it can reach children from harm, equipment and materials to meet the requirements of food hygiene standards. Children smooth to avoid abrasions equipment, outdoor play equipment parts firm, to prevent children from eating.

Second, children's playground style type

According to the character of the child's personality roughly outgoing and introverted quiet two kinds. For outgoing and lively children, children's playground children can choose according to their own lively personalityChild slide, Children rope course,Climbing net, Children and other dynamic expansion device. For the introverted child, you can choose swing, swing, percussion instruments, microphones, etc., so that children outgoing and change the quiet character.

Shaoxing Zhuji + Adventure Island children's play facilities - (3)

Third, children's playground cost

Buy children's playground equipment sure to shop around, regardless of the material, price, appearance must take into account its cost. Ensure the normal operation of children's play equipment is the most basic, is simply the same price of equipment, can accommodate more people play, the better the security, the better appearance, the higher the price. Affordable products, so you can not only choose the most suitable products, can also save you a fee. Buy good outdoor children's play equipment, you can let your kids prefer playing field. Purchase of equipment will have to get good equipment manufacturers, choose the comprehensive strength of strong manufacturers.

Music chart dedicated to children's playground overall planning and design, according to park the characteristics, uses, budget, considering all factors, professional custom-designed children's play equipment to make it more in line with actual demand. Children's Playground combined with slides, trampolines and other products, and introduced customized children's play equipment services for customers from planning, design, production to improve the matching operations integration solutions. So that each customer to easily win at the starting line!

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