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Children's water park disinfection standards

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Children's water park disinfection standards

During this time, due to the seasonal changes, the weather is caused by the problem of severe hand and foot and mouth disease, all employees, teachers must pay more attention to the health disinfection work of the park, the sterile of the Children's Paradise, is comprehensive and meticulous, protect Baby's health. How should children be disinfected?

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1. For those plastic parts and fiberglass, we can use soap water, disinfect laundry powder, bleaching powder, etc. Then spray 84 disinfectant.

2, indoor activity room, floor, wall, etc., use ultraviolet disinfection every day, indoors should be ventilated. Spray disinfection once a week.

3. For the Soft Sponge section of the Children's Water Park, we can use the soft cloth with soap water.

4. For the metal part of the children's water park, if rust is required, use a brush to brush the float, wipe it with a dry cloth.

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5, wet, heat resistant, non-faded wooden part, can be dried after washing with soap water, and then disinfected with 84 disinfectant.

6. When cleaning the circuit, the electrical component, first ensure power failure, forbidden to water, generally wipe it with wet cloth, and then connect the power supply.

7, all children's water park, open-air slide, the drill tube is not allowed to accumulate after the rainy day. If there is, you should do a diameter of 4 mm in a hole drain on the bottom.

8. While disinfection children's water park, you must also check if the connection part is firm and the connection part of the metallic activity is refueling, the circuit appliance and ordinary components are damaged, and all parts cannot leave a spike and other safety hazards.

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