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Choose a good stainless steel slide, let your child play more assured

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Choose a good stainless steel slide, let your child play more assured

Nowadays, there are still stainless steel slides in many kindergartens. After all, the children are in a good age, like four activities. If you are constrained by him, it is not conducive to their healthy development, but the appropriate exercise is, for them, it can be said that it will be better. Because children need to deal with this, naturally, how to choose stainless steel slides is also more attention.

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NiceStainless steel slideLet your child play more assured

Everyone must take into account a security issue. Sometimes small questions will lead to big accidents. Sometimes security issues must be strong enough, this is also responsible for the children, not loens! In fact, this problem is to emphasize the requirements for raw materials when it is emphasized. From the raw material, since the stainless steel slide is mainly small children, the strength requires that you are not particularly large, but it does not mean that it is low for it. At present, many manufacturers use 304 stainless steel slides because of its performance, this is mainly used in the field of tableware, safety is naturally impeccable. Performance is relatively stable, it is not easy to fade, smooth surface, very suitable for tide slides.

There is also a design start, look at there is no sharp corner, because the child's skin is relatively delicate, so the slide does not allow the sharp corner. This is a relatively powerful skin, so you must take a closer look at it when you choose, is it a rounded or arc transition. In addition, whether the stainless steel slide design is reasonable, humanized, can meet the needs of children. Because of its main user is a child, some data is not particularly high. Mainly, the height, in this case, it can help the child in the first time. Sometimes if you raise it, you may not have enough children.

It is also the length and armrest of the rope, must be in a reasonable range, which is also prevention of security issues. When you choose, don't consider the adult's perspective, after all, adults don't play! With a few children, go to play, which can be judged that it is good.

Chami non-standard travel + stainless steel slide + Yunnan Kunming Flying dragon in the sky slide - (2)

Choose a good stainless steel slide, let your child play more assured

When there is still a purchase, don't be cheap, sometimes the necessary cost is also considered. Especially for children's security issues must be cautious, some costs are also necessary.

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