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Colorful drought slide introduction

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Colorful drought slide introduction

Colorful slideAs a moving slide project in the tourist scenic spot, due to its entertainment, colorful, small investment is fast, and the shortage is short, and the colorful slide is very exciting. Whether it is a young man or a child, I really like this play equipment. Sitting on the air cushion from high race, don't say too much stimulation.

This article contains the following:

1. High cost performance of colorful slides

2. Improve additional benefits of scenic spots

3, form a characteristic project, improve the visibility of the scenic spot

Colorful slide + colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide - (20)

First, the high cost performance of colorful slides

Compared with many large amusement projects in the scenic spot, such as glass stack roads, air ropeways, cable cars, etc. are obvious. It can control construction costs from our professionals based on different attractions and terrain environments, control construction costs from design, engineering, materials, etc.. Although this reduces the investment, there is no reduction in the quality of the project and the experience of the colorful wink. In addition, the construction time is short, the maintenance is simple and convenient, and the return on investment is faster than other items. It can be said that the colorful slide is the least investment in all large players, the shortest cycle, the fastest project.

Second, improve the additional benefits of scenic spots

ColorfulDrought snow slideNot only the appearance is novel and beautiful, but also gives visitors to the senses, high experience, strong playability, can further strengthen tourists' desire. Make full improvement of the secondary consumption ratio of tourists into the park, increasing the scenic revenue without increasing promotion costs without increasing the passenger flow.

Dry snow slide + rainbow slide (3)

Third, form a characteristic project, improve the visibility of the scenic spot

In the currently developed network era, the colorful roller slide almost occupy the big short video platforms, and people who use mobile phones to see short video have almost seen the colorful slide. This is almost free to promote the large-scale free publicity of sightseeing, bringing more passenger traffic to sightseeing. Moreover, the colorful drought slide is not affected by the seasons and regions, and it is impossible to make up for the disadvantages of sightseeing affected by the environment.

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