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Commercial playground rides, overall project planning must do

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Commercial playground rides, overall project planning must do

one,Market research and analysis of the nature of the project is determined:

1. Direct profitable business nature playground core research 6 elements: business environment, consumption flow, consumption capacity, competition project, competitive cost, earning forecast

Overall project plan_02

2, indirect profit-type drainage nature playground core research five elements: industry analysis, competition dimension, audience analysis, conversion goals, benefit forecast

Overall project plan _03

two,According to market research, determine the core pain points of the project's demand, formulate preliminary solutions from flow to transformation project positioning:

1 - High playability, physical and mental health, comfortable environment, safety, convenient consumption, intimate service, value experience

Overall project plan _04

2, playground for drainage: Solve 4 core pain points of operators - how to improve the value of the overall park, how to achieve high quality traffic, how to achieve high conversion rate, how to transform the introduction rate; solve the 5 core pain points of the audience - - High playability, physical and mental health, comfort, security, value-for-money experience

Overall project plan _05

three,overallAmusement facilityAnd venue creative design, forming a creative design

1. Scenario Story: Children's Activities and Site Design is a series of scenes and theme IP units, each subject has our different IP protagonists;

2, the facility modular: modularly, the main facilities and the accessory facilities of the unique IP are modular, from design, deepening, and production to install all process management, mainly from key technical indicators such as materials, specifications, thicknesses, to ensure high Quality landing, but also reduces multiple mold fees.

3, venue facilities art landscape: achieve good look, watch, attract attention, become a card attraction

4. Safety of site facilities: Focus on the safety of the audience, from the environmental protection of the material, the physical structure of the equipment, while reducing the exit of the site to ensure the safety of children.

3, the humanity of venue: dynamics, static combination, both the venue of the parent-child play is also a good place to socialize, such as the design of the area to set the shacks near the shackles of Joe Shake, the baby carriage parking space, etc.!

Overall project plan _06

Four,Communicate creative design, forming a project floor plan: depth analysis design, convene project explanation meetings, forming the final design floor plan

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