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Comprehensive multifunctional outdoor fitness equipment_Letu Non-standard Amusement

Product Name: Integrated Multi-Function Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Product Brand: Nuutoo / Chau
Product model: LT-JS111
Product specifications: 94 * 60 * 168 / custom
Product material: galvanized steel pipe / painted
Product color: random / custom
Suitable age: 15 years old
Use scenario: community, park, municipal center, school, scenic construction project, etc.
Product use: Enhance blood circulation circulation of the body, promote metabolic ability; strengthen the coordination of the activity of the limbs, improve the motion of the body.
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Product Description

Comprehensive multi-function outdoor fitness equipment parameters
product name Integrated multi-function outdoor fitness equipment
product brand NUUTOO non-standard
Product specifications 94 * 60 * 168 / custom
Product number LT-JS111
Product color custom made
Suitable age 15+
product material

PVC material, galvanized steel pipe

Applicability Community, park, municipal center, school, scenic construction project, etc.
Product Usage Improve the use of group heart and lung function, enhance its own blood circulation, promote metabolism, and exercise the body muscles of users, enhance all aspects of capacity and coordination.
Transportation installation

Transportation + installation integrated service, from the overall project planning to product installation, professional team tracking service

Soft bag + cotton clothing completely worry-free high-level logistics transportation service, exclusive to product safety loss

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product description

The integrated multi-function generally includes the functions of latlers, bibaries, supouptic, sit-ups and other instruments. Breaky, bibly up, supouptic, mainly used to exercise the strength of upper limbs and thoracism; sit-ups, mainly used to exercise the lumbar muscles, reduce excess fat in the waist.

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Outdoor fitness equipment is configured in most communities, such as a waist, a scientific car, a rowing device, a treadmill, and the like are all common communities or the most basic fitness equipment in public places. These outdoor fitness equipment brought joy and health in the community, and also enhanced the harmony between the neighbors. It is also the most basic fitness equipment in public places.

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product price

Outdoor community comprehensive multi-function fitness equipment contains a variety of different types of equipment, the functionality is more functional, the armor, leg power, and the chest, etc., whether adults or children can try, and The value of this type of fitness equipment is also very large.

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The comprehensive multi-function outdoor fitness equipment is much more expensive than a single fitness equipment, and the reason is from two aspects of material and function. The use of materials will be directly affected by the use of equipment equipment. Factors; secondly, the functionality is comprehensive, multi-function outdoor fitness equipment can meet all of the user's fitness matters.

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All in all, expensive fitness equipment will have preciousness, and the truth of a penny is very authoritative. If you want to buy such a versatile outdoor fitness equipment, welcome to consult a professional fitness equipment manufacturer, Wenzhou Chau Fitness Manufacturer, professional integration from product design, production, sales, transportation installation, all provided by us. Hotline: 15167702299!

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common problem

Q: What is a professional outdoor fitness equipment?

A: Usually, professional-grade outdoor fitness equipment is mainly facing young fitness people from the applicable population. The exercise effect is to increase muscle, strengthen strength, and flexibility, and secondly professional outdoor construction equipment very focused on design scientific.

Q: There are those who are better in China.Outdoor fitness equipmentBrand recommendation?

A: In addition to the high-end outdoor fitness brands, such as Wenzhou Chau Amusement is also a very good fitness equipment brand selection, belonging to the community, municipal center, kindergarten, school, competitive place, training camp and other equipment installation options.

Q: What are the types of outdoor fitness equipment in the community?

A: There are very many types of outdoor fitness equipment outdoor outdoor fitness equipment. It is common in ordinary communities, there will be rowing machines, juvenile rides, horizontal bars, seducers, elliptical machines, etc.

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