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  • What is the development advantage of a non-powered play equipment?

    Because cultural demand drives a city's economic development, many places combine local cultural characteristics to build business districts and Wenxin Scenic Area, and make full use of uninerable play equipment design and landscape, to create a unique human landscape, This attracts more people's attention. In addition to strengthening cultural attractions in a region, there is an area of ​​cultural attractions in a region.

  • What is the requirements for children with different ages?

    Children with different ages require children to grow up in terms of growth, and children in each age phase differ in physical development and personal abilities. The needs of children's age have different requirements for the design of amusement equipment. Children's play equipment is a entertainment player in children, and a ride feature features can help children grow different.

  • What issues should be paid attention to in purchasing children's large outdoor play equipment

    At the end of the year, there are many entrepreneurs to plan their 2022 investment projects. Many entrepreneurs have seen the advantages of the outdoor children's play industry. In order to ensure that the project investment is more smooth, they put this question to Music Amusement: Purchase Children What questions should you pay attention to in large outdoor play equipment? The music map is to understand the steps of clear investment, from these steps to find problems, solve the problem, the specific content look at the music map.

  • What are the factors affecting the price of the outdoor play equipment?

    Outdoor amusement equipment is a teen, a place to relax, as long as there is time, you will have a small partner to experience, challenge the different difficulty of amusement projects. More people who have played playing, the profitable space of the playground is higher, and every day is thousands of yuan. Many people will feel this easy to make money, but what should I calculate? For example, the price of outdoor play equipment itself, if the choice is a more suitable product for investors? It is more important to make yourself more money. What are the factors affecting the price of the outdoor play equipment?

  • Does the children's outdoor playground investment profit space?

    With the upgrade of the education industry, parents pay more attention to their children's growth education, naturally spend more costs in children's related industries. Under such market development conditions, people are very optimistic about the development trend of the child economy. Children's Outdoor Playground is a comprehensive place for children aged 3-12, whether it is fun to play or in the difficulty of equipment, it can be used as a standard according to the actual situation of children. If you stand on the investor's perspective, look at the children's amusement park, the children's outdoor playground investment profit space?

  • Outdoor non-standard amusement equipment how to choose manufacturers more reliable

    Many entrepreneurs found that most of the play products were non-standard when investing in the children's outdoor playground. These reiker-based players in the market are very good in the market, but also because of the concept of non-standard customization, entrepreneurs can choose their satisfactory manufacturers to customize play equipment according to the size of the site. In the process of purchasing, there are investors discovering that all play equipment manufacturers can meet the conditions of non-standard custom, how does the outdoor non-standard play equipment choose manufacturers more reliable?

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