Counting the near future outdoor play equipment

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Counting the near future outdoor play equipment

Because the outdoor play equipment is beneficial to the child's physical and mental health, parents are willing to play and experience their children's parks outdoor children's parks. In order to allow more families to be able to entertain and relax, many communities, parks, squares, and scenic spots are all equipped with different types of outdoor play equipment. These devices are open to the outside, and there is a need for a certain fee. Then do you know what is the newly hot outdoor children's play equipment? The music map is in the near future outdoor play equipment. Let's take a look at whether you want to buy.

This article contains the following

Large stainless steel slide

2. Outdoor jungle crossing

3. Climbing equipment

4. Outdoor trampoline

First, large stainless steel slide

Outdoor large stainless steel slide is a design technique of routine play slides, manufactured in a rolled manner, mold production, avoiding the slide size fixation, shape is unchanged. Stainless steel slides not only have good weather resistance, but also heat resistant and longer service life. At the same time, large stainless steel slides can also design different lengths and widths according to the size of the site, which uses stainless steel quality not only texture, but also the appearance, spiral slide, straight slide, roller slide, etc. Welcome.

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Second, outdoor jungle crossing

What are the newly hot outdoor children's play equipment? The jungle crossing is the outdoor challenge amusement equipment in recent years, many forest parks, scenic spots, and summer camps will contact this set of projects. The jungle crossing is the advantage of the jungle, using the rock wall, the wood as a design point, sets different difficulty levels, so that the challenger easily learns the field survival skills and experience the strength of teamwork.

Third, climbing equipment

As a rope network, the rope network is more upgraded, the stimulation and significance of climbing equipment is more prominent, and each height perspective scenery can make the challenger's heart. What are the newly hot outdoor children's play equipment? At present, there are a lot of amusement devices that are climbing, such as rope net diamonds, rainbow trees, brave climbing peaks, etc., all make children learn to pay, this is a great help to the child's heart culture.

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Four, outdoor trampoline

The trampoline exercise must not be unfamiliar, which is a sports program focused on fitness, entertainment and competitive integration. Compared with the indoor sports trampoline, the outdoor trampoline function is fully equipped to give the children's door experience and perception.

What are the newly hot outdoor children's play equipment? The above is some of the outdoor children's play equipment mentioned. If you want to know more innovative amusement equipment, welcome to consult the music map, we will be delivered 24 hours.


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