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Custom stainless steel slide benefits?

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Custom stainless steel slide benefits?

What is the advantage of custom stainless steel slides? Most of the slides of traditional plastic materials are molded with fixed abrasive, belonging to mold production, size size, lack of changes due to the limitations of abrasives, and cannot meet the installation of unconventional venues. The appearance of stainless steel slides, just to reverse this situation, break through the limitations, according to local conditions, adapt to the installation and commissioning of various places.

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Therefore, in the playground, park, kindergarten, business center and other places, stainless steel slide equipment is always existing in a new form, a place as a center, giving their flexibility, and create unique amusement space for the children. Compared with the vast outdoor space, the school's indoor amusement space has emphasized the full use of space. The setting of stainless steel slides can make the children within a limited space, exercise their own climbing capabilities and hands-on coordination capabilities. In each class, the child's instinct also needs to liberate. From the height of the second floor, the plate is rotated, and it will reach the bottom, such a stimulus experience, the children are of course fun!

The cool stainless steel slide can not only be used in the park and the community, but also a play project introduced by major shopping malls, making it an important means of attracting customers in shopping malls. Because there is no height limit, stainless steel can extend from a six-layer roof to the first floor, and the spectacular scene cannot be described in words.

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Stainless steel slides look particularly thrilling, but actually is very safe. Slide welding partArc welding prevents oxidation from absorbing harmful gases, thereby forming a dense weld joint, and its mechanical properties are very good. The bracket portion is 2.5 mm in the wall thickness and 114 mm in diameter, and the weight is large. Therefore, you don't have to worry about security issues.

Outdoor environments often take on children's feelings, observation, discovery, and understanding of the environment. Therefore, with the equipment of the equipment, it is reversed the limitations of the park outdoor environment in the terrain, and creates a rich and varied dynamic environment. The designer has a reasonable arrangement of the operation difficult and safety performance of the slide based on the age characteristics of the child. More importantly, the emergence of stainless steel slides increases the fun of climbing the wall, and children can interact once again and again.

Of course, the advantages of stainless steel slides are not only the case. The stainless steel slide is not limited by the height length, and is rotated from different heights to the ground. As long as the advantages of the stainless steel slide can be fully excavated, it will eventually achieve the various inspirations of the designer, but also fully express the flexible change of the slide.

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