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Custom stainless steel slide why fire?

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Custom stainless steel slide why fire?

Slide projects are indispensable in most entertainment industry, mostly used cement or plastic packaging, now they can't meet the needs of the times, custom stainless steel slides have become mainstream, this product has a lot of benefits.

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The following is included:

First, stainless steel products

Second, the cost is higher than the tradition

Third, the product production cycle is long

Fourth, avoid inferior products

Five, follow-up value

6. Determine the purpose

1.Stainless Steel Products

The stainless steel slide has brought long-term guarantees to the outdoor facility. The wind blowing sun is easy to make the steel rust, reducing people's entertainment interests, increasing the maintenance cost, the stainless steel slide does not rust due to moisture, reducing the post-maintenance time and cost.

2.Fee is higher than traditional

304Stainless steel as an example, the current market price is not low. If the large area is used, a set of equipment takes a million yuan, and even more equipment is exceeded.1010,000 yuan. Due to most slide projects are free entertainment, many outdoor facilities suppliers are difficult to make a decision. If calculating long-term cost, it is very easy to accept.

3.Product production cycle length

The slide requires a multi-way process such as mold, welding molding, grinding, and the production cycle is more than traditional slider, and if it is temporary facility or urgent to start, it is not recommended to use the device.

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4.Avoid inferior products

Stainless steel products are deep, and there are many stainless steel products that are filled with times. At first glance, there is no difference between the appearance. If you have rust around a period of time, the price can be different5 ~ 6Multiplier. If you don't know how metal performance, you should entrust the evaluation engineer to evaluate.

5.Follow-up value

If you need to do other items in the future operation, the price of the second-hand stainless steel will recover the cost. In recent years, the second-hand recycling prices of stainless steel have been rising, and this device is hard to lose.


The size of the slide is different in the entertainment facilities, including the varieties used by adults and minors, sizes and shapes. Some parents like to play with their children, they must order large equipment, design, which can reduce a lot of costs.

Custom stainless steel slides are new service items in the industry. With the development of some industries, the new stainless steel performance is stable, the appearance is bright, the equipment level is greatly improved, and there is a desire to play. This facility really adds brilliance to the entire place.

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