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Customized water play equipment with water spray

[Product Name] play water spray custom water amusement equipment [Product model] LT-SS102 [Product Specifications] Specifications can be customized [Product color] random, customized [Product material] 304 stainless steel, engineering plastic, galvanized steel pipe [Product Features] GS certification, strong anti-corrosion, long-term wear resistance, anti-high temperature [Product use] Water park supporting equipment, not only to prevent steep slides from action training, but also add functional projects such as sprinkling, water, splashing water in the project, enhance the great interest of the product. [Hotline] 15167702299!
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Product Description

Very water spray custom water play equipment parameters
product name Water spray custom water play equipment
product brand NUUTOO non-standard
Product specifications Customized according to site
Product number LT-SS102
Product color Understand
Suitable age 3+
product material

304 stainless steel, engineering plastic, galvanized steel pipe

Product Usage The water park supporting equipment, not only to prevent steep slides from movement training, but also adding a functional project such as water, water, splashing water, and enhances the great interest of the product in the project.
Transportation installation

Transportation + installation integrated service, from the overall project planning to product installation, professional team tracking service

Soft bag + cotton clothing completely worry-free high-level logistics transportation service, exclusive to product safety loss

Play Water Amusement + Water Slide 12

product description

Water spray custom water play equipment is to strengthen the hobbies of the play experience, because a single water movement is relatively boring, so add some auxiliary kinds of amusement equipment can strengthen play experience. Water play equipment not only has a beautiful shape design, but also has a long-term wear-resistant advantage.

Play aquare + water slide blank 6

Outdoor Water Amusement Facilities are now an indispensable play experience center in summer, everyone is willing to get better amusement satisfaction under cool and cheerful environments, so the facility to strengthen the water park is the top priority of the players.

Play Water Amusement + Water Slide Blank 5

product price

Now the water play equipment on the market is more pursuit of diverse movement development laws. Experience the requirements for upgrading to make a single body slide to meet the needs of users, and visitors in the stage are more popular in the pattern, and the type wider slide Combination, this can make a variety of stimuli to visitors.

Water Amusement + Water Amusement Equipment + Water Slide_01

In the face of the highly subdivision with the market, the multi-functional intelligent productization will go to the water park. The development of the water park must face such challenges and trends, such as some sprinkled water, and the equipment can be combined. To the design of VR experience, the immersive effect makes tourists feel a wonderful experience.

Water Amusement + Water Amusement Equipment + Water Slide_08

This requires the water park facilities and equipment manufacturers to have broad ideas, follow the trend of the current era, combined with many new means of technology types, and develop new products that meet the development of modern trends.

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Wenzhou Map Amuse has been committed to the research and development of water rides and equipment. Now it has already had a development trend in our own professional field. Final goal. If you also want to buy water amusement equipment, welcome to consult: 15167702299!

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common problem

Q: What are the aquatic equipment in the water amusement park?

A: For example, there is a sprinkler, water gun, sprinkler seesaw, water house, octopus and other sprinkler equipment.

Q: What are the children's water parks?

A: The common waterway slide series has large speakers slides, rushing through the slide, big petals slide, rush slides, octopus competition slides, small children's play slides, etc.

Q: WaterAmusement facility priceHow much is it?

Answer l Due to the difference in functionality of different equipment, the size of the specifications is different, which also caused significant differences in different types of water rides.

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