Design points and precautions for outdoor recreation equipment

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Design points and precautions for outdoor recreation equipment

Outdoor play has become a popular leisure way, and every time they come to a variety of holiday activities. The huge outdoor play demand has gradually attracted a lot of merchants to stop, but as an excellent investor, they have strict design and quality requirements when purchasing their own products. What are the design points and precautions of the outdoor scenery rides?

This article contains the following

User needs

2. Product innovation

3. Security issues

First, user needs

Whether it is an outdoor scenic spot in the selection or a custom demand, we must clearly know the needs of users of different ages, and the planning of amusement equipment needs to plan according to the age of objects, fully understand the characteristics and preferences of users, and is based on Design the product accepted by the public. One of the design points and precautions of the outdoor scenic spot, for example, most of the play objects are based on children, can still divide users into different stages: 0-3 years old children, sports ability conditions are not sufficient enough , Climbing, turning, rolling is one of the main playing methods, can be targeted for design simple slides, tap musical instrument equipment; 3-6 years old children, there is already the ability to run, you can design some fun sports.

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Second, the innovation of products

Creative outdoor scenic spacing equipment will have strong appeal no matter where they are, they can really enable the outdoor scenery amusement equipment to get higher evaluation, or to consider the function and innovation angle of the product. In particular, people are now different for the pursuit of material life, and the products that are chasing the red and value are integrated. Therefore, when planning to design outdoor scenery amusement equipment, let the product integrate into a creative theme, and the novel function will always be bright.

Third, safety issues

Safety is the basis of any outdoor activities, which is critical to playing equipment. This is not only the attention of every tourist player, should also be a manufacturer, investor needs to be mastered, and only a strong and reliable play equipment can make the outdoor scenery have a higher development. Want to truly get stable source, safety is the factor first considered.

Is the design point and precautions of the outdoor scenic spot and precautions? I know more about the characteristics and market development of amusement equipment, and all of them are all very helpful for their playground. If you have more ideas, you can consult us!


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