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Different characteristics of different sizes of water park design plan

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Different characteristics of different sizes of water park design plan

The water park refers to a ride, such as water slide, a wasteland, and drifting river and other water leisure facilities, and its rise has changed a large extent of water recreation, and became a quick and entertainment of a rapid expansion of industrial. . At present, the water park is generally considered to be the form of theme park and the paradise. It is an important part of the theme park. Now Xiaobian takes you to understand the difference characteristics of different sizes in the following water park design plan.

This article contains the following:

1, small water park

2, medium water park

3, large water park

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First, small water park

Small water park is not more than 10,000 square meters, and the water park design plan should be mainly based on parent-child family group customers. The main water park equipment includes children's drama small products series, children's water slides, small artificial, wave ponds, drifting rivers and a few more than 2 meters or more Water slide, etc. Small water park design planning is small, small investment, faster, and flexible operation. However, affected by the area, the water park design planning is small, and the play items can be played relatively small, and the attraction of the exciting tourists is generally.

Second, medium-sized water park

The area of ​​the medium-sized water park is around 10,000 to 50,000 square meters, which belongs to the comprehensive water park, and the customer has a broader, and can be visible to different age groups. The main water park design planning is mainly water park equipment, children's play water equipment, medium water house water village, large-scale artificial wasteland and various children's water slides. Compared with the small water park, the water park design planning is larger, the equipment is complete, the attraction is greater, but the investment cost is higher, and the cycle is relatively long.

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Third, large water park

The large water park area is 50,000 square meters, the scale is relatively large, and the water park equipment is more comprehensive, and the design planning of the water park is more comprehensive. Large water park main water park equipment has large water slides, drama equipment, large water house water villages, large artificial wave ponds, theme support facilities and other water recreational equipment. Compared with the medium water park, the water park design plan is larger, more comprehensive, and more comprehensive equipment, and has a stronger attraction of tourists. However, the investment amount is relatively large, and it is relatively long back to this cycle.

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