Do you have a children's play park, join and independent startup, how do you choose?

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Do you have a children's play park, join and independent startup, how do you choose?

The prospect of the children's paradise attracted a lot of investors' eyes, and now it is very easy to open a children's playground. But what do you want to make a lot of investors, and the construction of a children's paradise can be a joily to start a business. What is the difference between the two, which one is better? Xiaobian sorted out the advantages and disadvantages of joining and independent entrepreneurship, I believe it will help everyone.

This article contains the following

1 Analysis of investment costs

2 Analysis from time to time

3 Analysis from risk angle

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First, analysis from investment costs

First of all, my door can be seen from the cost of investment. A lot of children's play brands in the market do not charge the franchise fee in order to invest in the investment, which has brought great advantages for franchisees. But if you don't want to join, you will think so, mainly you find a good venue, buy a ride equipment, you can't get a brand to join the service, you can do it. In fact, from a long-term perspective, the cost of franchisees is lower than the cost of its own business, because the invisible profits brought by the joily: brand interests, scientific venues, brand updates, etc. Therefore, the cost of doing investment franchise stores is actually lower than its own business.

Second, from time to time analysis

Franchisees will have professional planners, on-site measurements and specific planning, etc., to plan design for customer planning. Investors can improve the transportation equipment after identifying the effects. You can install it after transportation to the store, so that investors can save effort. Therefore, for the first contact in the children's industry, it is a good plan to choose a joily. Of course, if you choose equipment to buy, the device may be cheaper. However, the equipment manufacturer only provides equipment, and does not consider the children's paradise site planning, equipment installation, etc., all need to handle itself, and it takes more time to spend.

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Third, from risk angle analysis

Join Children's Paradise can provide an investigation and assessment of paradise location, will also do market analysis reports, guidance of professionals, and reduce risk operations. If you start a business, you can do your child's park is difficult to have such a professional technology, and the risk will be bigger.

All said that the children's paradise is relatively advantageous than independent entrepreneurship!

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