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Domestic large non-standard children's play equipment custom manufacturer

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Domestic large non-standard children's play equipment custom manufacturer

As the play industry has developed into a saturated state, a variety of rides have continued to emerge in front of everyone. In the face of these venues of non-standard play equipment operators will definitely face some difficulties when they purchase, do not know the skills of playing equipment, and the standards of manufacturers screening. As I know, I don't know how to choose to choose, so Xiaobian has introduced some methods for everyone, but also introduced the domestic large-scale non-standard children's play equipment custom manufacturer - Le Figure tour.

This article contains the following

1. Consider the size of the supplier production workshop

2. Good product production innovation

3. Product Service Related Certificate Test

Non-standard travel + from the infrastructure to the completion + outdoor playground (2)

Consider the size of the supplier production workshop

The size of a device production supplier is the first step of investors. Only after the size of the production workshop, it can be equipped with a strict research and development team to produce better quality amusement equipment. Professional manufacturers are more focused on the production and development of equipment, and do product sales. In addition, larger companies will pay more attention to their own brands. Therefore, when you choose a play equipment manufacturer, you need to do size, the greater the scale, the greater the responsibility, then the strength and brand requirements are better.

Good product production innovation

A children's playground, can continue to develop, inseparable, interesting, innovative products, a player production supplier without its own R & D team will not grow, because the current market will only accept the latest Products, the old products like previous are also eliminated because there is no characteristics and characteristic gameplay. So I want to find a more reliable franchise company to find a manufacturer with their own research and development team, so that my own product is available, and it can be better by the market.

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Product Service Related Certificate Test

Whether it is a choice of equipment or the choice of the brand, you must see the manufacturer's production, as well as whether to have quality inspection certificate and production certificate. If it belongs to unlicensed operations, not only the product is not guaranteed, but you buy it in his company Products will also be subject to a certain millennium. At the same time, when I purchased the equipment, I was very important for the after-sales policy of this company. Different after-sales service policies were very large for operators.

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