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Export form introduction of outdoor children's playground equipment supplier

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Export form introduction of outdoor children's playground equipment supplier

It can be seen in the past few years in the development of the children's playground industry, and the form of children's business has become better and better. Children's play equipment customized according to market demand also is also popular. As a result of investors in the industry in the past few years, they are considering the expansion of the store or the chain. The popular equipment is definitely more popular, the more interesting is divided into higher earnings. Investors want to know the form of outdoor children's playground equipment supplier quote is here, come and learn about it!

This article contains the following

1. Different forms of outdoor children's play projects

2. Materials for children's play equipment are important factors

3. Other influencing factors in quotation methods

Maze Park combination amusement main map

First, different formsOutdoor children's play project

Outdoor children's play projects themselves are designed according to children's interest in hobbies, which is a new generation of children's playgrounds formed through scientific equipment portfolio. This is also the most cost-effective children's playground for parents in the market. At the same time, the projects that can be configured different venues also have a big difference. For example, many people in the open park square will purchase some small inflatable naughty castle equipment, which is usually sold in the form of the entire combination. For investors, it is very cost-effective to earn a header; there is also a professional playground, and the equipment needs to be more extensive, according to different configuration, material, function, scale.

Second, the material of children's play equipment is an important factor

In the above, it also mentioned the inflatable outdoor naughty castle equipment. This type of equipment is a plastic material, which is convenient to shrink according to different time periods to attract children's attention, and the price of plastic materials is More affordable. Secondly, the representative of stainless steel and stainless steel is a stainless steel slide equipment. The use of stainless steel quality in children's play equipment is very wide, and the height length of outdoor stainless steel slides is not mandatory, and it can be customized according to their own needs. PE boards are also a popular outdoor play equipment construction materials, health, safety, and practicality.

Maze Park Combination Amusement Main Figure 4

Third, other influencing factors

1. The size of the site is larger, the larger the area, the more required equipment, then the equipment cost is more expensive. Each venue of the same price is different.

2. Manufacturer brand, due to the power of the mass and small brand, people have a big difference in trust in a brand, thus causing the price difference.

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