For investors, these children's play new momentum should be aware of

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For investors, these children's play new momentum should be aware of

It is actually unfamiliar with children's play equipment, because it is an additive for children to grow, many parents are also happy to let children participate. There are already many types in our city. For investors, we should know the new trend of its industry development, so you can grasp the market's risk.

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For investors, theseChildren's playNew momentum should be aware of

1: Parent-child

Many investors are only concerned about the appeal of children's own premature planning. Many parents will watch their children in the equipment. In fact, you can take into account the benefits brought by the parent-child family, you can let the parents have put down the work and enter the equipment. This is a very important business philosophy, and many parents are willing to participate, because of the parent The game makes them feel a lot of freshness, and you can leave a precious laughter with your child, how difficult is to increase your parents to bring your child again.

2: Linkage consumption

In fact, it can be combined with a lot of age, such as can give a nearby supermarket discount card and shopping discount coupons after a game. You can also give them a free game, which will also give them a free travel, which will form a linkage consumption effect. As long as you have enough business capabilities, you can integrate all resources, connect operational models and actual needs, form a new idea of ​​multi-point consumption. At present, many playgrounds have reached this effect. And it has obtained very good benefits.

Three: Working underline

Many times the parents are getting information through mobile phones or some online marketing activities. In fact, the rapid development of mobile information has become a new trend, online Customers can go to the scene to make consumption, which forms a very good benign loop.

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For investors, these children's play new momentum should be aware of

The development of society is changing, and the business opportunity is also gently walking in your hand. It should pay attention to the new trend of the development of the child's market, so that it can keep up with the trend and achieve better development opportunities.

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