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Four recommendations of investing in construction water parks

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Four recommendations of investing in construction water parks

The water park has a flourishing phenomenon in the country. It has now fully completed the three or four-tier cities. In such a business difficult environment, how can we begin building a water amusement park?

New, odd, big is the development characteristics of the water park, almost every population is planned, horses or has been operated, and overall is extremely hot.

However, in the beginning of the project investment, what are the problems need to understand and solve it?

This article contains the following:

1. Water park equipment manufacturer's cooperation process

2, how can we determine the total area and project investment in the water park

3, how to plan the water park project to make a short-term profit

4, reduce the risk of investment in water parks

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I. Cooperation process of water park equipment manufacturer

Specific Engineering Project Communication - On-site Investigation - Planning Scheme - Program Review - Quotation Determination - Equipment Production - Construction - Shipping and Equipment - After - sales Service.

Second, how can we determine the total area and project investment in the water park

The total area and investment of the water park is not fixed, the project is profitable and value-added, and it is impossible to simply take the past formula or other places to do templates, and increase the surrounding local consumer market and engineering projects. Resources and people's consumption habits, make reasonable analytical investment income, create the characteristics and competitiveness of the park, and the surrounding area project, then combine good internal management and market planning, making the water park profit and value.

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Third, how to plan the water park project can make short-term profitability

According to many experience in many water park designers, the area of ​​the project investment water park must be large or greater, the equipment is more or more, often do not design the area of ​​the water park according to the local market environment and local population bases and The number of equipment, the scale of the project is too large, too small, the queue is too short, the amusement time is too short, the second consumption is too low, the water park profit period is extended, directly leading to the operation of the water park, there is no fresh Blood joining, causing the lack of originality in the park, the same year or the next year's return to the year, the profit declines year by year. If you want to do the benefits of the water park, it is more than one year, we recommend to grasp the following four key points:

(1) The local market is in line with the local market;

(2) It is very attractive and characteristic;

(3) Must do wire and offline promotion;

(4) It is necessary to manage the various departments of the park.

Fourth, reduce the risk of investment in water paradise

If you want to invest in the water park in the water park, you must formulate a professional project investment plan in the pre-planning construction, you can't blindly imitate according to the success of other cities, and you cannot blindly pursue the scale of the park.

According to the individual's research on the water park, a water park project is profitable, and the proportion of water park equipment selection is no more than 50%, and more important factors are:

(1) Project investment planning: adequate market research, engineering project feasibility analysis;

(2) Water Park Design: According to the project investment planning, consider the scale of engineering projects, the number of equipment sets, theme packaging;

(3) Operation management and marketing: According to local humanistic habits, at different times, in different places, living different activities, do different marketing, referring to marketing of grounding.

As long as you meet three points, you can make your investment risk smaller as much as possible.

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