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Frog Kingdom children's outdoor play equipment_lettu non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Frog Kingdom [Product Brand] Nuutoo / Chau [Product color] natural green, custom [Product model] LT-GJ126 [Product Features] GS certification, strong anti-corrosion, green green, long use, strong wear resistance [Product use] Municipal center, self-construction site, children's park, scenic hotel, etc. [Hotline] 15167702299
  • LT-GJ126
  • Nuutoo/非标
  • 126

Product parameters

Frog KingdomOutdoor non-standard amusement equipmentProduct parameters
product name Frog Kingdom Outdoor Non-standard Amusement Equipment
product brand NUUTOO / music map

Product specifications

800 * 600 / custom
Product color

Natural green, custom

Product number LT-GJ126
product material 304 stainless steel, engineering plastic, galvanized steel pipe, fiberglass, stainless steel wire outer casing tube +
Product Usage Municipal center, self-conspirable venues, children's parks, scenic hotels, etc. Supporting players, providing players a safe, casual, healthy sports location
Suitable age 3 years old - 50 years old
Transportation installation

All customized products have special line transportation, direct installation site, guarantee all transport projects of the product in the effective time, and the transportation route takes the safety, roadwidth and other routes to ensure that the product is non-destructive;

Install the integrated process, in accordance with the corresponding requirements in accordance with the corresponding requirements in the specified time

Non-standard travel + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (1)

Non-standard travel + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (4)

product description

Animal series main map -3

The frog kingdom outdoor non-standard play equipment is often used in large shopping malls, municipal centers and kindergartens, main roles to provide young children with a ride. Outdoor amusement equipment is now a hot outdoor play equipment, mainly through a sports type project of your own play, not only the equipment upgrades on traditional rides, but also the equipment upgrades on traditional rides. It is more equipment that meets more children's playing mentality. Due to non-standard amusement equipmentCompared to other play equipment, high safety factor, long service cycle, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment, good interaction, unique experience, and there is also more and more investors.

Frog Kingdom Main Chart 4

Outdoor non-standard travel is often an exclusive playground with the topic's playground. Each outdoor non-standard amusement project covers its own specific play method, such as slide, large crawling, physical expansion, trampoline project, etc. All in all, outdoor non-standard amusement equipment is a large-scale amusement equipment with functionality, which is a good demonstration device that reflects the level of play at this stage.

Frog Kingdom Main Chart 5

product price

Non-standard travel + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (4)

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with strict process production level, professional technical team, and perfect equipment in national play equipment companies. The music map creates different models of amusement equipment, the appearance innovation is beautiful, the function is superior, the high-end product quality, establishes a good sales credibility and product word of mouth, and obtains the favor of new and old users across the country.

Non-standard travel + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (5)

Frog Kingdom Children's Outdoor Amusement EquipmentAlso belong to custom products, the price of each product device is based on the actual size of the volume. If your venue is relatively small, then we will have a professional team designer to survey your venue, conduct data research, and then designed to meet the size of the site.

Non-standard travel + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (3)

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is currently in a very comprehensive output of domestic and foreign products, outdoor non-standard large play equipment, children's slide, Waterful play equipment, etc. have sold, diverse equipment, and comprehensive product customization meet your requirements.

Non-standard travel + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (2)

Chau Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive service project. From one, we will lead to customer service principles, music map products are reasonable, the quality is reliable, and there is a good word of mouthful in the entire amusement industry. Welcome to find the field visit, call Consultation: 15167702299

common problem

Q: What is the material use of this customized outdoor non-standard play equipment?

A: Usually, one of the outdoor players will use different materials such as plastics, stainless steel, wood, as needed to take into account the use of the entire equipment, and therefore the material used in each detail portion will be different.

Q: What is the advantage of the frog kingdom outdoor equipment?

A: This product belongs to the outdoor customization project, first of all, it has a more appealing appearance color, and the second material is also more high quality, long-term use of anti-wear, and finally customized this outdoor equipment. You will enjoy our integration. Multiple services such as installation, transportation, testing, after-sales.

Q: How can I buy this product?

A: We can serve the manufacturers as a person in charge, so you have to use the site, so you can now contact our customer service staff, or you will leave a message in your message, we will contact you immediately. Detailed product Detail problem.

Tu strength

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