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Fujian Colorful Slide: New Amusement Project is recommended

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Fujian Colorful Slide: New Amusement Project is recommended

Fujian colorful slide can be said to be a large-scale slide, but this project is better, the slide is longer, and the experience and skiing are similar, it is a very hot amusement project. As an investment project, the colorful slide can be promoted nationwide because it is not high for natural conditions, and it is easier to promote in the South, because it can simulate the ski experience, more attractive to the South.

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Fujian Colorful Slide: New Amusement Project is recommended

FujianColorful slideThe project's investment should look at the size of the equipment, and a small project investment fee is around 100,000 yuan. If the operation is good, you can add investment in the later period, which can be gradually developed, small and large, suitable for public investment. You can choose manufacturers to join the project, they can provide equipment and installation services, manufacturers also have designers to customize development according to customer site selection, allowing slide and venue with higher fitness. Investing this project will not take up a lot of money in the beginning, and the equipment can be re-pay the equipment after operation. Manufacturers also provide equipment after-sales maintenance services so investors can save a lot of costs and improve profit margins.

The colorful slide and the drought project are similar, sitting in the snow ring can slip down from the slide, with skiing the same real experience. The security of this project is very good, as long as you hold the snow ring in your hands, you can slip down, and its slope is relatively small, and the speed of slipping is not fast. Visitors don't have to master ski knowledge, enter the slide with the help of the staff, sitting in the snow ring. This project can experience the whole family. It is a good choice for the weekend family gatherings. The number of tourists after operation is guaranteed. The experience of Fujian Qixiangli Slide Project is very novel, there is a lot of selling points when promoting.

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Fujian Colorful Slide: New Amusement Project is recommended

Colorful slide equipment is made of high quality PP materials, high wear resistance, and a set of equipment can be used safely more than ten years. The daily maintenance of the equipment is mainly cleaned, ensuring that the equipment is clean and neat. The operation of the colorful slide of Fujian is not complicated. It does not require professional ski knowledge. Overall, the cost of operation is not high, the profit space is very large, and friends who want to do investment can consider this project.

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