Garden landscape facility

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Garden landscape facility

People's material life is increasing, and the demand for the environment is getting higher and higher, and an example, a communityGarden landscape facilityWhether it is perfect, it is also one of the important factors of residents choose to housing. In the landscape design, people's participation is increasingly important, and people are the theme of the event, participate in the landscape, bring vitality and vitality to the landscape, and the landscape is vitality.

This article contains the following:

1, design

2, fun

3, experience sense

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I, design

Design plan is more than just a place or object. The placement of the trash can, the style of the gazebo, the number of bench, etc. need to be considered, first of all, it is a certain use or experience, what is the placement gives people convenience, what kind The style is comfortable, and the second is a conscious to form and quality design.

Second, interest

Interesting experience is the most extensive and rich in garden landscapes. Sensory is the most intuitive feeling of landscape facilities. The shape, color, spatial scale of the landscape facilities is to meet the senses of the aesthetics, add interesting factors in the design, and can meet the psychological pleasant feeling according to people's senses.

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Third, experience sense

Secondly, the experience of the experience, how is a landscape facility, whether it feels comfortable, is the core of connectors and landscapes. The interactive experience of people and landscapes make up the people's psychological satisfaction of the landscape design. Interesting is a popular element in a landscape experience. Whether it is comfortable when you are resting, it is a foundation that people feel relaxed.

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