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Guiyang outdoor play equipment Daquan

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Guiyang outdoor play equipment Daquan

Now in some communities in Guiyang, in the park, there are some playgrounds, all have children's outdoor amusement facilities, some free, some fees, are to increase entertainment and entertainment. Naturally, outdoor play equipment is more than just entertainment, but also exercise, stimulates the child's exploration spirit, let the child learn something while playing! These outdoor recreational facilities were affected by the children's favorite, so what are Guiyang outdoor play equipment?

This article contains the following:

First, rope climbing frame

Second, trampoline

Third, seesaw

Non-standard recreational outdoor trampoline + + + jumping bed children's playground equipment (3)

1, rope climbing frame

Rope climbing frame with ropes at sea with a central chrome-plated steel, extremely durable. Rope climbing frame in the shape, style and size are extremely free to choose space, the layout is relatively arbitrary and, therefore, have become a more popular children's outdoor recreation equipment.

2, trampoline

Trampoline main frame trampoline and trampoline two forms of ground movement. Most of the current outdoor trampoline using ground trampoline. The trampoline in appearance more stylish and beautiful, but also relatively small footprint, saving space. Furthermore, compared to the trampoline frame, which has a higher security trampoline, and the like can prevent children from trampoline ricocheted occurs. The main material of the trampoline and imported PP plating spring elastic cloth, both materials belong to weathering material.

3, seesaw

Seesaw can be said to be one of the most loved, more suitable for an entertainment device in the outdoors. These new entertainment projects, such as stainless steel slides, climbing frames do not appear, they are almost assumed the laughter of children's childhood. Today, the seesaw in the shape and appearance has a lot of change, the only constant is the extent of its favorite children.

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