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Guizhou Xintianweicheng Longbao Paradise Case

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Guizhou Xintianweicheng Longbao Paradise Case

Longbao Paradise is located in Zhengde Jiabang Shopping Center in the northern section of Xintian Avenue, Wudang District, Guiyang City. The original design of the park is to create education and play.Large playgroundAll.

The picture above is the top view of the park! In the design planning stage, our two sides' position is very clear: to build Guizhou's largest Jurassic theme children's paradise! Let the children out of the virtual world and check out the real adventure!

As night falls, with beautiful lights, it forms a different kind of scenery. Let the original empty square become lively and extraordinary!

  Paradise interiorprojectMany, containWalking, running, jumping, balancing, throwing, climbing, climbing, drilling and other physical exercises to develop children's physical intelligence. Moreover, the park has a variety of dinosaurs that increase the awareness of children.

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