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Hebei Colorful Slide: Extracted Air Rainbow, add charm to the scenic spot

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Hebei Colorful Slide: Extracted Air Rainbow, add charm to the scenic spot

Colorful slide projects have many places, which can not only provide amusement features, but it looks very good, you can use a landscape. Hebei Color Slide is built with high-quality materials, and the colorful slides in the air make the surrounding landscape better. Setting up a colorful slide in the scenic spot to enhance the attraction of the scenic spot, so that visitors have a refreshing feel. The same scenic spot, there is a colorful slide that is more fun.

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Hebei Colorful Slide: Extracted Air Rainbow, add charm to the scenic spot

Set up a scenic spot in the mountainous areaColorful slideIt can be laid according to terrain conditions. Hebei's colorful slides are linear slide, some are the Panshan slide, and there is a slide of a stitching, colorful colors are in the air or hover, or go straight, look very beautiful from the distance. The appearance of colorful slides makes the content of the scenic spot are more rich, so that the surroundings are also more bright. The colorful slide can be in the color of the color, or it can be a slide and then combine, it has a variety of setup methods, have a good effect.

The material of the colorful slide has different types and can be selected according to the budget. Hebei color slide generally uses PP materials, some of the slides of some scenic spots use iron plates to make chassis, and the surrounding guardrail uses PP material. These materials are very bright, especially PP materials, not easy to fade, and can maintain bright colors in an outdoor environment. As long as it is cleaned regularly, there is basically no fading. The device of the colorful slide is complete, and it can be used for many years, which does not affect the operation of the scenic spot.

The colorful slide is now almost the standard of the scenic spot, because it can replace the function of the cable or glass stack, while the colorful slide style is better, and you can bring a different experience for tourists. Many tourists like colorful slides, so the major scenic spots have also set up a colorful slide. The distribution of colorful slides in Hebei is widely distributed. Many well-known tourist attractions are equipped with colorful slides.

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Hebei Colorful Slide: Extracted Air Rainbow, add charm to the scenic spot

The settling of the colorful slide is not complex, as long as the appropriate terrain conditions are found, it can be set up after simple foundation. The overall equipment has limited investment, and the operation and maintenance of the usual equipment is relatively simple, but its use effect is very good, and everyone is welcomed.

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