How about non-standard traveling equipment

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How about non-standard traveling equipment

Many people in the play equipment project do not know how to choose the right play products, is in this case, the non-standard custom playing equipment helped a lot of novice investors to choose a play equipment. Non-standard travel equipment is a difference between ordinary batch production rides, no immobilized design patterns, can be customized according to different space sizes, to meet a variety of matching requirements.

Non-standard travel equipment is customized within the unified industry standard manufacturing, according to the consumer demand. Such non-standard amusement equipment customizes to users innovation and give people a bright. How about the non-standard play equipment for the play equipment manufacturer?

This article contains the following

1. Advantages of non-standard travel equipment

2. Non-standard travel equipment

3. Non-standard travel equipment applications

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First, non-standard travel equipment advantages

The creative design of non-standard amusement equipment is very unique, and it can bring a lot of popularity in various places. Children's play custom equipment is based on site characteristics, the overall cost will be higher than those of ordinary batch production, and the reason is because the mold production of custom players is unique, so the cost of development is higher, and Repeated usage rate is low, it can be said to be customized amusement equipment.

Second, non-standard travel equipment material

Most of the outdoor children's non-standard amusement equipment customized projects are color engineering plastic pipes, such as software, combined slides, trampolines, marine balls, etc. How about non-standard travel equipment custom service? Safe, health, and leisure still stimulate, and not fun, it fully exerts youth's thinking and creativity.

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Third, non-standard travel equipment applications

All large-scale department stores, real estate communities, children's parks, and boy pavilions, such as non-standard travel equipment, especially the current large shopping malls, concentrated on eating and drinking integration projects. If you install a non-standard amusement device, you can make the area become a card attraction. The role of non-standard travel equipment is not only children's play, but also a good way to drive consumption.

How about non-standard travel equipment custom service? Non-standard custom amusement equipment project services are one-stop experience, from project selection, material selection, installation, etc. At the rapid development of the current phase, non-standard playback projects can more conform to market demand and the public consumption habits.


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